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5 Tips for Finding the Perfect iPad 10.2-inch Case | Zugu Case

When you’re looking for the new iPad 10.2-inch case, the options available online can seem overwhelming. A simple Google search often leads to pages and pages of results that never seem to end. And, even after you’ve found a few options that seem like good choices, narrowing the list down to just one can be tricky.

What exactly makes an iPad case a good investment? And, what should you look for as you search for the case that’s right for you? If you’re not sure, keep reading to read up on 5 tips for finding the perfect iPad 10.2-inch case.

Focus on the materials – 

The first thing you should look for is the material composition of a case. Stay away from cases made from things like silicone, rubber, and soft or jelly materials. Although these cases can protect your device from scratches, these cases are often very durable and can degrade quickly – especially if you use your device frequently. These cases are also not great for drop protection, and your device is likely to be damaged in the event of a fall.

Instead, opt for an iPad case that’s made from hard plastic thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and/or polycarbonate (PC). These two materials are often used to create safety equipment, medical machinery, and bullet resistant glass. They are also long-lasting and won’t wear away over time, leaving your device vulnerable to damage.

Keep an eye out for protection –

Since your case is primarily for the purposes of keeping your device safe, the level of protection it offers is important. That’s why the ideal iPad case will have safety features built-in that are designed to add extra protection. For example, bumpers around the edges of the case to keep the corners of your device from denting or cracking. Your case should be designed not just for fashion, but also for function.

You should pay attention to whether a case offers drop protection or not. Some companies claim that their cases can withstand falls, but are not constructed with any shock absorption in their case designs. Keep an eye out for buzz words like “shock absorption”, “drop projection”, and “military drop standard”.

Look for fun features –

The case you choose doesn’t have to be all about protection. Are there added features that make the case more unique? If you plan on using your device to watch movies or attend virtual school, you’ll want to invest in a case that has a stand, preferably one that’s adjustable. You should also look for additional features like a pocket for your Apple Pencil, wireless Apple Pencil charging, a protective magnetic cover, airflow vents for proper ventilation, and more.

And, many times, the added features on a case aren’t just for show. The protective cover keeps dust and dirt from scratching your screen, the Apple Pencil pocket ensures that your pencil is always within reach, and airflow vents keep your device cool and prevent overheating.

Don’t break the bank with the price – 

The cost of your iPad 10.2-inch case is also a major consideration. Although you don’t want to break the bank, it’s not wise to try to find the cheapest case on the market. Most cases that are very inexpensive are priced that way because the materials aren’t reliable and the construction of the case is poor. Often, cheap cases will not fit your device correctly and may even have portholes for audio and/or charging that are too big, too small, or badly cut out. On the other hand, you don’t want to purchase a case that’s unnecessarily expensive.

To avoid overspending or buying a case that isn’t well made, look for medium-priced cases that are over $25 but under $65. Most cases under $25 aren’t going to offer much protection or will need to be replaced quickly. Cases that cost more than $65 are often overpriced – you’ll be paying for the brand and not necessarily the quality and usefulness of the case.

Stick to company’s that offer a guarantee –

If a company is willing to stand behind its product, you can be more confident in your purchase. Most reliable companies will give customers some type of guarantee, whether it be 15 days, 30 days, or, on the rare occasion, 60 days. If there’s a warranty granted by the company, this is also a good sign that the iPad case you are purchasing is worth the investment.

The cover also serves as protection if your device is dropped. The soft, microfiber lining of the cover provides a cushion that insulates the screen from damage.

Magnetic mount for hands-free use

Need to use your device hands-free, but don’t have space to prop it? Zugu cases has a magnetic mount built into the back that is strong enough to be attached to any metal surface. Once all four corners of the case make contact with the metallic surface, the device will be secured in place. Due to the strength of the magnet, your case won’t slide or fall once properly attached. This feature is useful in the kitchen, where your iPad can be connected to flat metallic appliances, like a stainless steel refrigerator. When you’re ready to detach your device, just lift a corner of the case to release the magnet.

Our #1 recommendation

If you’re looking for a case for your 10.2-inch iPad, your best bet is Zugu! Zugu iPad cases are constructed from only the best materials, lightweight, and durable. One of the highest-rated iPad case and accessory companies on the market, Zugu prides itself on providing only high-quality, expertly-made, long-lasting products.

Worried about having to replace your iPad case after just a few months, or even a year? Zugu iPad cases are covered under a two-year warranty and each purchase also come with a risk-free guarantee. Although some iPad cases come with warranties and guarantees, many of these “benefits” expire soon after purchase and are only included to bait you into purchasing an unsatisfactory product.

Interested in trying out a Zugu iPad case for yourself? Click here to head over to the website to find out more information about the company and its products!

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