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5 Things to Know About Cat6 Plenum Cable before Buying

An efficient network can be created without the usage of efficient Ethernet cables. In this regard, Cat6 Plenum 1000ft Cable is one of the best available options to network designers. They are a significant piece of any networking structure and these are the five things that you should have some familiarity with before installing it. It makes your network more efficient and useful.

1.   What Truly Is a Cat6 plenum Ethernet Cable?

It guarantees a smooth and consistent supply of internet to the electronic hardware attached to your network. Utilizing efficient and high-performance Ethernet cables upgrades network execution to a large extent.

It permits the end-users to do their work without any trouble. The data transfer speed is the main concern of most networks and it can be resolved by installing high-efficiency cat6 pure copper cable.  

2.   When do you really require an enhanced version of Ethernet Cables?

A network where the performance of the end-users is highly dependent on the internet speed they are getting. The importance of the Ethernet cables is increased to a great deal. In this scenario, organizations do not compromise on their quality in any case whether it is their price or features.

Nowadays, most network engineers prefer to use Cat6 cable in their networks to avoid any troubleshooting problems in the future. These cables are reasonably cheap in comparison to their advanced version Cat6a but more expensive than the older version cat5e.

They come with a data transfer speed of 10Gbps with a bandwidth of 350MHz. It is comparatively better than the speed of Cat5e Plenum Cable and almost the same as the speed provided by Cat6a. Therefore, they become the first choice of most network administrators these days.

Some of the best features of Cat6 plenum cable are.

  • Lightning-fast data transfer speed
  • High-quality cable
  • Installed at any place of the building.
  • Highly fire resistant
  • Do not produce toxic smoke or any other harmful substance during burning.
  • Reasonable prices

3.   What are some major types of Cat6 Ethernet Cable?

All network cables are not similar and each of them has a separate purpose of manufacturing. Similarly, Cat6 Ethernet cable is manufactured in 3 different types. These types are classified on the basis of their jacket ratings.

  1. (CMP) Cat6 Plenum rated
  2. (CMR) Cat6 Riser-Rated
  3. (CM) Cat6 PVC rated

All these 3 types of cables have a different purpose of manufacturing. Cat6 plenum-rated that is also called CMP is manufactured to be installed at the plenum spaces of the buildings. These spaces are left for ventilation purposes and can hold these cables as well. The plenum-rated outer jacket of these cables is made from such material that is fire-retardant and does not produce any toxic smoke if fire catches them. This is why they are the safest option to be installed at the plenum spaces.

Similarly, the riser jacket cables known as CMR are manufactured to be installed at the riser or vertical spaces of the buildings. They cannot be installed in the plenum spaces. They are also fire resistant and do not produce toxic smoke.

The last one is the PVC coated cables known as CM. they are manufactured to be installed outdoors. Their outer jacket is waterproof and UV resistant that holds them in perfect condition for a long time in the outdoors. These cables cannot be installed at the plenum or riser spaces of the buildings.

Whereas, Plenum cable has this feature that it can be installed at other places like a riser or outdoors as well but it is not recommended due to their high cost.

4.   What is the difference between Shielded and unshielded Cat6 Cables?

This cable can be categorized on the basis of its shielding feature. In this regard, there are two types of cat6 cable.

  • Shielded Cat6 Ethernet Cable (STP)
  • Unshielded Cat6 Ethernet Cable (UTP)

Now we will understand, what is the difference between these two cables?

The shielded version of the cable known as STP comes with an extra coating on its 4 twisted pairs of wires present inside its jacket. This foiling coating improves their performance against crosstalk and EMI. This coating can be present separately on each twisted pair of wire or it can be present on all 4 of them altogether.

On the other hand, the unshielded version of the cable does not have this extra coating. It is known as UTP. It is the designer’s choice that which cable they select from them to be installed in their network. STP cables are more expensive than UTP cables.

5.   What kind of conductors are normally used in Cat6 cable?

Basically, there are two types of conductors used in them.

  • Pure Copper
  • Copper-Clad Aluminum

The cables with pure copper conductors have less DC resistivity. Therefore, they are more efficient in delivering the energy in the network without losing it to heat. Whereas, cables with copper-clad aluminum conductors are not less than by any means but they are not as efficient as pure copper conductor cables. They have high DC resistivity that forces them to lose energy into heat more than pure copper.

Pure copper cables are more in demand from the network designers as they want to save the maintenance cost which they could bear by installing a low-cost Ethernet cable. Therefore, investing, again and again, is better to invest once in a quality product.

Why itechcables?

There are so many manufacturers producing cat6 plenum cable. It is a difficult decision to make for the buyers to locate a trustworthy manufacturer out of them. In this scenario, itechcables makes your decision easy. We are providing high-quality Ethernet cables to our customers and fulfill their all networking needs satisfactorily. We provide free delivery and same-day shipment services to our customers. This is why our customers always remain happy and satisfied with us.

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