5 Things that Consumers Must know about the eGift Cards

Digital eGift cards are also referred to as mobile gift cards. All relate to gift cards (see that they’re not cards) that are sent through technology, such as text messages, email, social media, and smartphone apps. Even though this innovative method of giving gifts is popular during the holiday season, only a few people have ever sent or used digital eGift cards till now. But this is set to change.

When mobile payments become more commonplace, individuals are also likely to switch to digital gifts.

So what are the things that newcomers should be on the lookout for when taking the switch from physical cards to digital cards? Here are five points customers should know to have a good e-gift card experience.

  1. Timing is Everything

While e-gift cards are fantastic gifts for the last minute, I recommend allowing some time (up to an hour) between the moment you purchase the card. The moment you’re required to receive it. Since the gift card issuer must accept the transaction, put it through fraud-screening processes and then complete the delivery via electronic means, You’ll need to allow yourself enough time to resolve any unexpected issues. (Imagine the scenario where an e-gift card was sent out, but then you find the “undeliverable email” message in your inbox the following day.)

TIP: Schedule delivery. Purchase digital gift cards on websites and apps that permit the user to schedule delivery. This way, you can place the order when it’s most convenient for you. Yet, you can hold the delivery of the electronic gift card until a suitable date and time (e.g. Christmas Eve, just before your birthday celebration, on the day of your anniversary, etc.). Here is a list of businesses that can arrange the delivery of e-gift cards.

  1. The Right Address is Critical

The gift card issuer’s obligation is fulfilled when digital delivery is successful-regardless of whether or not you entered the contact information correctly.

I once sent an e-gift card for my child through email. After it took more than an hour, I looked over my receipt and found that I had altered a couple of letters to her address. The company that issued the permit graciously corrected the address and sent the gift to me; however, they didn’t need to. Terms and conditions on various merchants’ websites indicate that an e-gift transaction is completed when the delivery confirmation is received. Additionally, e-gift cards can’t be cancelled after redemption. If another person had read the email transposed and used the gift card, and I had to pay for it, I would likely be out of the total purchase amount.

TIP: Double-check email address. Double examine the contact details provided (including your personal information) when purchasing an e-gift card. Give virtual presents with the same caution you exercise when sending money electronically, such as an electronic payment or wire transfer.

  1. You May Have to Follow Up

Successful delivery means that the technology functioned- the email was delivered. The text message also went through, and the post appeared on Facebook. The delivery success does not indicate that the receiver actually got (or even noticed) the present.

Once, I sent an e-gift card for my son through an app for smartphones. While receiving an email through this app, he couldn’t recognize the person who sent it. If he was having trouble clicking the link in the text, he decided to give up and dismiss the message.

A few hours later, I contacted my brother to inquire whether he’d received any surprises. “Nope,” he replied. After additional “big sister” questioning, I realized that he didn’t possess any smartphones. I contacted the company that issued the gift, and they told me he could access the facility via email from his computer. After scouring into junk mail and spam folders and refreshing his inbox multiple times, he could not access the gift. It turns out that my brother has at most three email addresses. My gift had been sent to one of them as a present, but he was examining the third.

TIP: Select the best technology for the person receiving it. Make electronic gifts available to the system most utilized by the recipient. Make sure to verify contact information before the time. If you’re unsure what email address to use, send an informal email to see if you receive any response. The same thing can be done with several social media accounts. Don’t wait until the e-gift is lost in cyberspace. inquire, “which email address do you prefer?” Contact them if you don’t hear from your receiver within a particular time.

  1. Some eGifts Only Work Online

While many e-gift cards can be used in retail stores, Some merchants limit gift credit cards used for internet transactions. These requirements must be stated clearly on the restaurant’s website. Visa e-gift cards, for instance, should be used on the internet.

Tips: Make sure that your website is accessible. Pry Before chasing an e-gift card, make sure you know which sites it is possible to use. If you can only redeem it online, you should consider the amount you will use to pay shipping costs. If you can save it in stores, verify how the Amazon gift card will be presented when cashing out. Most of the time, the gift recipient can print the email at home and then submit the printed copy to a cashier or give an online (e.g. email screen, screenshot or screen of the gift card application) alternative. Here’s a list of merchants which allow users to print e-gift cards at home.

  1. Most eGift Cards are Not Lost.

The eGift cards are purchased anonymously through the use of eGift Cards. They are hard to replace if lost. Gift cards bought with electronic credit card keys cannot be returned this way. In the vast majority of cases, they are purchased over the internet. The purchaser enters an email address, a credit card number, their physical address and possibly a phone number before sending the payment.  

TIP Note down e-gift cards. Put all your physical and virtual gift cards into an app for gift cards as well as a mobile wallet. In addition, it will help you give gift vouchers to cashiers (some even have scannable virtual barcodes). Also, having all your cards together can help you remember how to use the gift card you purchased.

Despite the potential issues regarding eGift cards, we’ve seen tremendous improvements in the past few years. As a frequent purchaser and user of digital coupons,s I can claim that the process is more smooth than ever before, and much of this is due to the advancements in smartphone technology. At the same time, I was printing online gift cards from home before going to the store and then taking my phone to the cashier to make payment. Although the method by which the cashier deals with transactions can differ (some take the phone and swipe it, others key in the code, and some can hold the phone in front of a scanner), In all instances, I’ve been able to make use of electronic cards with the same success as I have when using gift cards made of plastic. If you follow these steps, your experience will be positive.


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