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5 Stages in The Design Thinking Process

Design thinking is the easiest approach to solve prevailing problems strategically. If you have been given a complex problem that you cannot solve conveniently, Design Thinking is your way to sort it out.

Design Thinking makes problem-solving easy through the following ways that we entail below

– It reforms the problems in an easy to understand the way

– It makes the problem human-centric and solvable

– The brainstorming sessions enlight you with many ideas

– Before finalizing the data, it goes through the stages of prototyping and testing

Anyone who understands how these four stages disentangle the folds of your mind will readily choose Design Thinking. The everyday problems of our corporate life, problems that occur in our lives, and world problems as a whole are solvable through Design thinking.

In all the Design Thinking procedures, the one that is the most credible is proposed by d school. It emphasizes that showing empathy is the foremost requirement of problem-solving. Once you have empathetically dealt with the problem you have to define what the existing problem is. The next thing you need to do is Ideate the problem, look at its prototypes, and do the final testing.

1# Understand the problem empathetically

The first stage demands you to look at the problem empathetically. If the problem does not belong to you directly, you must still face it like it’s yours. You need to get yourself immersed in the surroundings where the presence of the problem is.

You have to observe the problem and all the consequences that it brings. Furthermore, you have to get yourself engaged with the people who go through the problem and gain first-hand knowledge of it. When you try to get yourself molded with the people who are struck by the problem, you will be able to gather the results incredibly.

You need to understand the experiences of the one who is dealing with the problem if you want the truest results.

Through empathy, you will be giving away your assumptions of any situation that can be problematic in coming with reasonable results. Once you give up your own views you get able to understand the problem with the experience of the ones it impacted.

With empathy, you gain as much knowledge you get able to collect in the given time. All the information you get here will be of use in the next coming stages. After understanding the given problems with first-hand knowledge, you will jump to the next stage.

2# Definining the problem

The next stage after understanding the problems empathetically is that you have to define them. You will put all the information you have collected through engagement and interaction. In this stage, you will view the gathered information analytically. You will integrate the information in order to reach precisely the nature of the problem. Once you have realized what the core problem is, you can claim what possible solutions might be there.

Solutions are only expected once you have reached the cause of the problem. Go to its root and come up with a human-centric solution. This manner will help you solve the problem and give productive results.

In the third strategy, designers have to start coming up with ideas to solve the prevailing problems. Now when you are well acquainted with your user’s requirements, looked at them critically and observe each aspect. Now it’s time that you etch a human-centric solution to the problem at hand.

We assume that gathering data and analyzing it will land you to solve the problem at hand. You need to think of innovative ideas that lead you to come with a perfect solution for the apparent problem.

While trying to come up with ideas you can make use of some of the techniques that we mention. You can brainstorm the data into facts and implement them effortlessly. Apart from it, you can do brainwriting the data or make use of the SCAMPER technique.

These ideation techniques can help you arrive at your solution quickly and you won’t have to face painstaking hurdles in your way.

3# Set up a Prototype

After you have successfully aced the stage of ideation, you reach the most interesting step of this whole procedure. The product your team has settled for needs to get manufactured. In this stage, your team will set up an inexpensive prototype for the product they visualize to set up.

Introducing your idea to the world is only possible by showing them the product you have developed. It is not possible to develop the right product as soon as you envision it, but it is a long run before you develop the imagined product perfectly.

In the race to develop the correct product, you need to develop its prototypes and test their performance. The performance of the prototypes is examined, improved, revised, rejected, updated, and so on.

Once the prototype is improved that it really does check all the needs and no room for improvement remains, you consider it an accomplishment. It is only now that your prototype can be considered a real and considerable product for customer use.

Once your prototype is finalized, as a developer, you will have a clear idea of the benefits the users can gain from it. It is at this stage that you learn how miraculously your developed product can eradicate user’s problems.

4# Testing processes of the Prototype

Testing is the last stage in which you test your developed prototype. The reason this phase happens is to give one final try to the product and see if any loose end still remains. This is the stage where you get to redefine your product depending on the user’s response. You get to decide whether any alterations are demanded or any refinement is needed to be done in the product.

Take ESA letter online as an example, After a user base became satisfied with the benefits, it became a credible thing.

Wrapping it up!

Product development becomes achievable all thanks to design thinking. This is a five-step process that smoothens the tangles of your mind, ends the confusion, and enlights you to develop the manifested product.

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