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5 Safest Places For Solo Women Travellers

Travelling is an activity that everyone regularly does. Without travelling, it is hard to imagine the existence and evolution of human cultures. As per some historical sources, the evolution of humans has a direct relation with the travelling of ancestors from one region to other. Ancestors used to travel from one place to other in search of food, water, and shelter. Howerver, with the advancement in technologies, the purpose for travelling has changed. Now people travel to explore different sections of society. By visiting different places, people learn about different cultures and practices. Also, people collect invaluable memories by travelling to far-off regions, such as hill stations and coastal states.

To reach any destination, you need to step out of your house. If you feel scared of travelling due to security concerns, it is not a cause to worry because it is natural. Safety is the primary concern for solo females and couples while travelling. Everyone likes to enjoy moments without worrying about anything that can spoil their travelling experience. Though fear is understandable, it is not good to allow fears to influence your life’s moment.

To overcome your fears, all you require is a solo trip to some safe places for travelling. This post will assist you in identifying the Safest Places for Solo Woman Traveller. Based on your understanding, you can plan a trip individually or with family.

Safe Places To Visit In India

Identifying safe travelling places is not an easy task because it is necessary to consider different factors before finalizing a destination for travelling. You can plan your trip to destinations which are listed as follows:

  1. McLeod Ganj: Encircled by the lofty Dhauladhar ranges, McLeod Ganj in Himachal Pradesh is one of the Safest Places to Travel in India. This place is popular for its spiritual retreat as Dalai Lama took shelter here when he fled to India. The unruffled ambience and Tibetan flags fluttering in the air leave visitors with no options to worry about. One can easily roam around the streets and enjoy local courtesies. In this place, people can also relax in the top-notch cafes tasting delicious food dishes.
  • Nearby Places To Visit: Namgyal monastery, Dharamkot, and Bhagsu Falls.
  • Activities To Enjoy: Trekking, shopping, and tasting regional dishes.
  • How To Travel: People can travel McLeod Ganj by catching an overnight bus from New Delhi to Dharamshala. After reaching Dharamshala, there are buses to McLeod Ganj.
  1. Rishikesh: Rishikesh is a popular destination for travellers. This place is also renowned as the ‘yoga capital of India’. It is low costing and a safe place to travel in India. Situated on the banks of river Ganges, visitors can find backpacking accommodation under INR 500. The food costs are also affordable as anyone can enjoy a single time meal at less than INR 100. This place is popular for the serene evening Aarti of the river Ganges, which provides a sense of easiness and relief from all sorts of worries.
  • Nearby Places To Visit: Laxman Jhula, Beatles Ashram, Triveni Ghat, Raghunath temple, etc.
  • Activities To Enjoy: Evening Aarti, bungee jumping, and water sports activities like river rafting, etc.
  • How To Travel: From New Delhi, you can directly reach Rishikesh through overnight buses or through a train route up to Haridwar; from there, bus facilities are available for Rishikesh.

Regions To Explore In Southern Part Of India

  1. Hampi: While preparing a list of the Safest Places to Travel in India, you must count Hampi specifically. Hampi is a famous UNESCO world heritage site. This place is popular for its ancient rock temples and historical structures. People worldwide visit this place to feel its laid-back and hippie vibes and beautiful scenery. Women can easily roam around the town without any worries.
  • Nearby Places To Visit: Virupaksha temple, Achyutaraya temple, and Matanga hill.
  • Activities To Enjoy: Coracle ride and heritage walk.
  • How To Travel: You can visit Hampi by taking an overnight bus from Bengaluru to Hampi. Other ways to reach Hampi include a train route from Bangalore to Hospet, a nearby station to Hampi. From the station, there are numerous facilities available to reach Hampi.
  1. Gokarna: If you are willing to enjoy a beach vacation on your own, then there is no better place than Gokarna. Usually, people prefer Goa for their beach trips, but that place has become crowdy over the past few years. In such a scenario, it is impractical to spend a vacation on such destinations. Gokarna is actually the 80’s version of Goa, where people enjoy hippie and laid-back vibes. Due to the town’s small size, people can wander around the town without any worries. They can also head to the beach whenever they want. This is why it is counted among the Safe Places to Visit in India.
  • Nearby Places To Visit: Om beach, Half moon beach, and Kudle beach.
  • Activities To Enjoy: Boating, beach trekking, scuba diving, and yoga.
  • How To Travel: The best way to reach Gokarna is through a train route from Goa.

Union Territory To Visit

  1. Puducherry: If you are interested in experiencing the colonial charm of the antique British era, then Puducherry is the only place that you can travel to. This place is known for its picturesque coastline and colonies established by French and Portuguese in the pre-British era. The colour patterns of the walls of this region are very attractive and worthy of capturing as social media posts.

Near Puducherry, there is a town named Auroville where visitors can enjoy peaceful moments. Auroville is a universal town where people from different walks of life live together in harmony. A visit to this town requires a day-long time. This is why you need to plan your trip specifically for this town.

  • Nearby Places To Visit: Promenade beach, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Auroville, and Arikamedu.
  • Activities To Enjoy: Cycling, scuba-diving, and photo walk sessions.
  • How To Travel: People can reach Puducherry from Chennai easily. From Chennai, there are multiple travel facilities available for Puducherry.

Women can choose Safest Places to Travel

These are some Safest Places to Travel in India. In these regions, people across the world travel to create memories for the lifelong. So, after learning about these places, start planning for your travel journey accordingly.

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