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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Croatia In Summer

A European tour for most of us means visiting France, Spain, Italy, the UK, or Germany. Of course, they are amazing countries, but there lies a country on the coast of the Adriatic in south-eastern Europe that though underrated, is full of enthralling landscape, awe-inspiring architecture, gourmet food, and exotic culture. Croatia is full of surprises and wonders for the explorer in you, and you can make the best of your time if you visit the country in summer. Here’s why you should plan your trip to Croatia in summers:

1. Hideout Festival

It is a 5-day festival held in June or July and is an exciting concoction of pool parties, beach events, as well as spectacular headline shows featuring the finest electronic artists. Boat revelries also abound as boats sail from Novalja into the Adriatic. Pool parties are hosted at night while the headline performances feature in the day. Leading names in electronic music such as Annie Mac, Rudimental, Gorgon City, Jamie XX, etc. have performed at this festival. It is unmissable.

2. Zadar

Although summers are hot and dry, Zadar turns out to be the most relaxed spot. The ancient churches and Roman streets are significant in terms of art and architecture along with the contemporary structures that are a sight to behold. The sound art object, Sea Organ’, produces musical notes using sea waves and tubular structures placed under it. The sunset is mesmerizing as well as are the majestic cliffs and the elusive coves. Zadar is most amazing in summer.

3. Dubrovnik

The pearl of the Adriatic harbor comes alive in summer with its glistening waters, enclosed seaside, ancient forts, and the historic town of Dubrovnik with its ornate buildings and streets paved in marble. You can also admire the city’s beauty and war ruins by walking atop the city walls. Dubrovnik’s exquisiteness and the deep blue Adriatic can be captured from a cable car traveling towards the summit of Mt. Srd. Also, Dubrovnik is home to several locations loaned for the filming of the prominent TV series, Game of Thrones.

4. Yachting across Dalmatia

Yachting along the Dalmatian coast is an excellent way to take in the beauty of the striking cliffs arising out of the deep blue sea, the veiled coves, as well as the colorful coastal towns. You can charter a yacht or rent a boat or catamaran to sail across the coastline. A crewed yacht charter in Croatia will offer a luxurious cruise through the Adriatic with stops across various towns where you can enjoy the local culture as well as cuisine or relax in the serenity of the beaches.

5. Sailing on the Kornati islands

The Kornati islands are a protected national park, which otherwise sparsely populated, come alive in summer. The islands are known for the undergrowth of several hundred species of algae and over 800 animal types. The Posidonia flower that grows underwater is referred to as the sea lungs due to its ability to release oxygen in the water. A great location for snorkeling and diving, the islands are also known for the memorial crosses that honor 12 firefighters who were martyred in a 2007 fire, this incident is referred to as the Kornati Tragedy.

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