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5 Reasons Why You Should Drink A2 Milk


Milk is a dietary staple. It’s one of the most consumed foods in the world.  And it can be found in various shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors. But what if you don’t know which milk is best and which one to drink? Should you go for fat free skim milk or full-fat whole milk? Or should you try A2 milk?

Pasteurized milk is a great convenience food, but did you know that the majority of it contains A1 cows’ milk proteins? This means that if you’re drinking pasteurized cow’s dairy, your body might be reacting to these proteins in ways that can trigger inflammation.  But what about A2 milk? Isn’t all cow’s dairy bad for us? Not necessarily! That said, there are many reasons why those with certain health conditions might want to drink A2 milk instead of regular milks. 

Here are 5 reasons why we think this type of milk could be beneficial: 

1. A2 Milk contains no A.I. hormones, Antibiotics or Pesticides :-

A.I. hormones are found in all cows’ milk, but not in the milk of dairy cows.  That feed on pasture or hay and who do not receive any supplemental feed (page). The difference between traditional cow’s milk and organic dairy products is.  That a non-organic cow will have had its hormone levels manipulated with antibiotics to promote faster growth and prevent infection (website), while an organic herd may be given natural treatments such as tetracycline which does nothing for weight gain, just helps maintain healthy organs from disease-causing bacteria (study).

A2 milk has no antibiotics or pesticides, and is not produced with the use of growth hormones. More than half of all milk sold in India comes from cows treated with artificial growth hormone, which has been linked to cancer in lab animals as well as an increased risk for diabetes.

And it’s estimated that just over 80% of dairy cows are given antibiotics at some point during their lifespan (some estimates go even higher). Antibiotics on meat have become a hot topic because they can cause resistance problems by killing off weaker bacteria only to be replaced by more resistant forms; this could lead to potentially untreatable infections someday. So A2 cow’s milk sounds like a pretty good option for consumers looking to avoid these things! 

2. Beneficial effects on Immune System :-

A lot of people are wary to consume milk because they believe it will negatively affect their immune system. However, the truth is that cow’s milk has a negative effect on your body and can lead to health problems like diabetes or heart disease.

The benefits of A-type cows are stronger than those of other types due to certain proteins found in them which make for healthier adults with strong immunity systems. It’s important not to confuse this type of milk with goat’s milk – one may even say that these two milks do different things (goat’s contains more lactose), but both provide powerful protection against bacteria, viruses and fungi while still tasting great!

3.  A2 milk is easier on those with Lactose Sensitivities :-

A study has shown it to be easier on those with lactose sensitivities since they digest this type of protein more easily than others. The content of lactose in A2 milk is less than regular milk. Lower levels of lactose means better digestion and fewer stomach aches for those with a sensitivity or intolerance, as well as less worry about eating dairy products near bedtime so you don’t keep your partner awake all night!

A2 Milk also has a naturally occurring enzyme called alpha galactosidase which aids the digestion process by breaking down complex sugars into monosaccharides (simple sugar) that are then digested more easily and when we have low levels of this enzyme it can lead to digestive issues such as diarrhea, constipation or gas.

4. It Contains Good Quality Calcium and is good for Bones :- 


A study shows that A2 milk has more calcium and is important for building new bone tissues. The research found that drinking three cups of whole milk a day can increase your bone density by an average of five percent over two years compared to drinking low-fat or skimmed (skim) milk. This means you’ll have stronger bones as well as less risk of breaking them after getting older, and also decreased risk of osteoporosis. 


Milk fat contains vitamins D and K which are known to aid with absorption of these minerals from other foods consumed daily, such as cereal, yogurt, leafy greens etc., meaning even if you’re not eating enough dairy products rich in calcium it’s still a good idea to drink milk.

5. A2 Milk protects us from Harmful Allergies :-

A-type dairy products could reduce the risk of developing allergies by up to 50%. A recent study found that children who drink milk with a higher level of A2 type beta-casein are less likely to develop allergies. They have discovered that those consuming at least six servings of whole cow’s milk or equivalent per week had 40 percent lower risk for developing wheezing bronchitis during their first year. 


Researchers found that children who were either breastfed for six months, or given cow’s milk formula are those with a high consumption of A-type beta casein protein from cows’ milk had fewer allergies than those on low-protein diets. The researchers speculate this is because it contains an amino acid called DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) which boosts immune function – reducing inflammation by attacking bacteria and viruses as well as helping to make antihistamine proteins such as interleukins.


Conclusion :-

With so much information out there about why you should drink A2 milk.  We decided to write this blog post for you. If you liked what you read and want more details on A2 milk.  Let us know in the comments below and also if you want to know.  about where you can find A2 milk in Pune.


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