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5 Reasons Why People give CBD to Elderly Dogs

Dogs are dear to the owners, and many people see a pet as a family member. They are agile, friendly, and energetic animals by nature. However, with time, the hands of time catch up with dogs, and they become slow, inactive, and prone to illness. However, it can be heartbreaking to helplessly watch your beloved dog become slow, quiet, and inactive. Even though dogs might not verbally express how they feel, old age, stress, illness all affect their wellbeing. The good news is that CBD for dogs is a safe and worthy product that can relieve many of the adverse effects of growing old dogs. 

Why is CBD Safe for Dogs?

CBD is a chemical compound gotten from the hemp plant that is in the same family as marijuana. The compound has been present for many years and does not get users high like marijuana. Even though much research is essential to establish the safety or effectiveness of CBD, scientists have revealed encouraging results from the use of CBD on mental and chronic health issues. It can help with depression, anxiety, pain, PTSD, heart diseases, and many other health issues.

Interestingly, our furry friend can also benefit from CBD. This article will explore why people use CBD for their adult dogs. 

  • CBD can reduce Pain in Older Dogs

One of the reasons why the quality of life takes a hit in older dogs is due to excessive pain. The pain might be a result of injury, surgery, arthritis, or any underlying health issues. CBD offers effective pain management for humans and older dogs. Moreover, it can help in the production of anandamide – the chemical that brings down the brain’s pain sensation. 

Also, CBD for dogs can effectively reduce inflammation in various parts of the body of older dogs. In many older dogs, inflammation is the result of pain. Even though many people resort to over-the-counter drugs to treat pain for their dogs, there are potential side effects no matter the relief provided. It has cannabinoid receptors that work specifically on body parts experiencing pains resulting from damaged nerves, inflammation, or injury.CBD oil works to counter this impact by animating appetite.2 Whether it’s queasiness or overall exhaustion that is holding the canine back from eating, CBD oil triggers the vibe of yearning. At the point when the canine eats without feeling debilitated and retching the food back, they retain truly necessary supplements to help their body stay solid and sound.

Utilizing CBD oil to ease torment and advance generally speaking prosperity for your canine is something else and more individuals are getting on to. There’s still a ton researcher don’t have the foggiest idea, yet introductory examinations on people show promising potential. More investigations zeroing in on CBD oil for canines are as of now in progress, and canine proprietors and all-encompassing veterinarians anticipate results to learn exactly how far CBD oil can take the fate of veterinary medication.

  • CBD has fewer Severe Side Effects

Many senior dogs are not alien to health issues, making it essential to use medication to manage health issues. The problem with such medication is the series of side effects and possible damage to the organs like the kidneys or livers. 

As the dog advances in age, some of the essential organs start getting weak. This makes it necessary to have a medication that is gentle on the organs. Some common medications come with a significant side effect that can degenerate their state of health. With CBD, you can still help your pet and even avoid possible side effects, reduce the negative impact on the weak organs and keep your dog healthy. 

  • CBD can help with Appetite

One of the common issues with older dogs is appetite reduction, which is prevalent if they are ill or experiencing pain. Their appetite for food takes a hit, yet food is essential for strength and health. Even though you cannot force-feed your dog, it can be a lifesaver here. 

CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system responsible for managing vital body functions like pain, mood, sleep, and many others. The ECS is also in charge of hunger levels in the body. There are indications that CBD can positively alter the ECS receptors and boost appetite. 

  • CBD Can treat Anxiety

One of the top uses of CBD for a dog is its effect on anxiety. It provides a natural approach to relieve anxiety which makes it a top choice for users. In addition to beating anxiety, IT can remove fear, stress, and other adverse effects that accompany anxiety. 

Interestingly, some studies have shed light on the positive effect of CBD on relieving anxiety. People with a series of mental health issues like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, menopause, etc., can find help using CBD. Senior dogs are not alien to stress and anxiety as well. The anxiety could result from stress, operation, or a bad incident that left her scarred psychologically. I can boost the serotonin level in your dog, making her feel calm and relaxed.

  • CBD can facilitate a Good night Sleep

Elderly dogs might have issues getting a good night’s rest due to many reasons. This can be traced to inflammation, pain, recovery from a terrible illness, etc. When there is chronic pain, she could be agitated, moody, and angry, which will rob her of sleep. Sadly, inadequate sleep might set the stage for various health issues or heart problems. 

The good news is that CBD can induce a deep and relaxing sleep in senior dogs. Cannabinoids present in CBD can work on the ECS receptor, which can get rid of the pain. With this, their mood improves, which makes sleep possible. Also, when you consider that CBD helps reduce anxiety, getting a good night’s sleep will be possible. Getting adequate sleep and rest is essential to keep the immunity in top gear. It reduces the tendency of infection, diabetes, and stroke and also keeps the blood pressure down. 


CBD oil is the perfect substance to improve the overall well-being of your senior dog. You can revitalize your old dog; make her healthy and happy by using CBD. However, if you incorporate the substance into your dog’s diet, consult a vet right away.


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