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5 Reasons Not To Use Wix For Your Website

So why wouldn’t you use Wix if it makes it so simple to create a website?

  1.   Wix Makes It ‘Easy’ To Create a Website. Why is it a negative if Wix makes it easy to create a Logo Design website?

If you think of website development as an ‘easy’ endeavor, you’re off to a bad start. I like to think I know what looks good, but if I tried to create a brochure, it would be horrifying — I’m not a graphic designer and would never try to be one, so why should you pretend to be a website developer when your business relies on it? There would be no hundreds of thousands of blog articles about search engine optimization (SEO), content architecture, and off-site reputation management if building a website that works was “simple.”

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Personally, I believe that most businesses, particularly small and medium-sized businesses, do not devote enough time to their website brief. It’s usually because they don’t know what questions to ask or because the web agencies don’t take the time to ask the proper ones. You should be able to trust your web developer to ask the appropriate questions, even if you don’t know what questions to ask. Your business is your specialty; thus, you should be able to trust your web developer to ask the right questions. Wix makes it simple to get started, put up a website, and publish it.

Before you do that, take a moment to reflect and figure out what your company’s internet demands are. You must evaluate the structure of your material, the image sizes you upload, the page names you use, the header text for each page, the calls to action that are displayed in search engine results (SERPs), and conversion optimization. You should also make sure you’ve set up some online tracking so you can see how well your website is functioning, as well as set up crucial Google tools to gain insights from your website that can help you make marketing decisions.

Yes, I’ve seen high-end websites without Google Analytics — a critical omission that shouldn’t be made while investing thousands of dollars. I’ve also had someone contact me about increasing the visibility of their website. They spent $100 with an unknown international company on their website.

  1.   Wix Hides Difficulties

  • That’s another advantage, I hear you say!
  • It’s not always a smart idea to hide complexity in website creation.
  • Wix makes it simple to create websites that look like brochures but aren’t.
  • What you see isn’t necessarily the same as what Google sees.
  • Although Google considers user experience, it mostly focuses on content, mobile-friendliness, and other factors.

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Despite Wix’s support for SEO settings for pages, one of the most basic things Google cares about is how your page titles are constructed and what they say about the page. However, a few Wix websites, I’ve seen little pay regard to this. Google isn’t really concerned with the aesthetics of your button or the quality of your image. When you don’t know what to do, the search result below is extremely common.

The result has no call to action, and the description does not specify what the page is about. If there are ten comparable results, I’ll probably choose a more appealing one. By obfuscating these complexities, it’s simple to become overly enamored with your new website and go out and brag about it to the world. You should keep shouting because that may be the only way to get your website found because Google may not find it.

  1. Your website is hosted by Wix

A reputable web host is a good place to start if your website starts to operate slower than usual. If your website is built with an open-source content management system like WordPress or Silverstripe, there are a slew of hosting firms vying for your business. Some are excellent, while others are not. Using a proprietary content management system, whether it’s a platform like Wix or one designed by your agency, is something I generally dislike.

If you have a falling out with the third party or outgrow them, you will almost certainly have to start over. While WordPress isn’t the only platform accessible, I’ve had business owners wonder if it’s a good alternative or if it’s just for bloggers.

When you build a website with Wix, you have no choice but to use them to host it; you can’t go anywhere else, which takes me to the following problem.

  1.   You are unable to migrate your Wix data to another platform.

So you’re lucky, and your website is functioning great, but you want to add features that Wix doesn’t support, or you want a complete redesign. You’ve basically outgrown your website. It will be extremely tough to migrate your content away from Wix if this occurs. If you previously had a WordPress-based website, you can preserve all of your content and use a different theme (or a custom theme) to replace it (which is effectively a layout).

Your website will appear to be completely different, but you will not need to re-enter any of your content. When you switch themes, there is still work to be done because each one has its own method of operating, with different image sizes in different positions, but you may keep working.

  1. Wix Isn’t Free – It Could Be Expensive

Because the base product is free, Wix is an extremely appealing first platform.

It’s a highly effective sales strategy for bringing in new customers. Mailchimp uses a similar strategy; however, Mailchimp’s base package doesn’t include automated email sequences, which are an important aspect of email marketing. With the free plans, your site will have Wix branding, and a Wix logo will appear in the browser bar.

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You also won’t be able to track Google Analytics unless you upgrade to a premium account. Premium subscriptions begin at around $4 per month, so they’re not too expensive, and they come with a variety of features. Wix includes an ‘app shop’ where you can choose which apps to utilize when you start adding features.

There are a lot of apps for logo design, and website development picked from them, and many of them start off as a ‘freemium’ offering with additional capacity available for a fee, so go back to your website brief and figure out how much you want to spend. For many consumers, the highest cost of using Wix is an unspoken one. It’s the expense of websites created by individuals who may not understand how a website works, as a result of which they aren’t found or don’t function properly.

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