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5 Reason Your Hotel Should Have Self Check-In

Interaction of the hotel staff and how they treat guests is an integral part of creating a wholesome hotel experience for guests. You want your guests to feel welcome, important, and heard. When introducing self-check-in and checkout services, you’re not taking away an opportunity for your staff to interact with your guests. There are so many opportunities you create for yourself to cater to your guests needs. Just like you selecting the best room and bathroom essentials such as DZEE towels for your hotel, you need to offer better services for your guests with the bigger picture in mind.

How is a hotel self-check-in system being the better choice for you? There are many reasons why, it could be the better choice for you. But we are sharing the top 5 reason your hotel should have self-check-in system!

1.     Convenience for Guests!

After a long day of traveling, the last thing a guest wants to do is fill forms and wait around, especially during rush hour.

It doesn’t matter whether the guest is a solo traveler, on vacations, on a business trip, or a family, everyone is in a hurry to get in the room and settle in. Hence, everyone is looking for a way to fasten things up and make it convenient for themselves. A digital kiosk check-in system for hotel allows guests to simplify the process and check-in at a convenient time and skip the rush hour. What you can do here is focus on providing added services such as handling crying kids when the parents are checking-in, helping guests sort their luggage and get the room prepared, and so on.

This gives you the chance to add services and change the interaction and hospitality perception that most people have of a hotel.

2.     Post-COVID Safety

The new socially distancing world has many guests not wanting to get stuck standing in a group at a reception desk, so they prefer to skip that step.

One of the top 5 reasons your hotel should have self-check-in is so that guests feel safe when they walk in your hotel. Hotel self-check-in allows customers to skip having to interact with crowds, quickly get their room keys and move on with their stay. Many guests over the country have demanded hygienic and socially distanced services when staying at a hotel. A sanitizer conveniently placed for customers to use and their choice of skipping having to stand at the desk gives guests the surety they are being heard. The new check-in system for hotels could be through a check-in kiosk or even an app. Your customer doesn’t even have to interact with the machine and completely skip any fear they have of contracting the virus. Guests can just open your hotel check-in app, complete the process, and be done with it.

It also helps you skip the extra work and just handle everything online and sort the data right there and then with ease.

3.     Manage the Staff’s Workload

Not only the guests but your staff also gets overwhelmed at rush hours and wouldn’t mind not having to deal with the long queues that form.

A hotel is only able to provide the best services to its guests when its staff is performing well. That is why, some services such as the check-in system for hotel should be made smarter to help them manage their work better. Focusing on just guests can lead to you ignoring your staff at times, you need to make life easier for both. Your staff is the is the reason behind your success, when they are not overload with work, they can easily manage and focus on things that would make your guest experience even better. When taking such decisions, you cannot let the staff feel under-appreciated and over-worked. When the staff doesn’t have such pressure on their heads, they are more motivated to work and stick around for more time in one hotel.

You get to appreciate your staff and give your hotel staff a better stay experience.

4.     Upscale Your Services

Hotel self-check-in service allows you to bring your guest’s attention to upsell your services or even offer cross-sell services, that they might show interest in.

When it comes to the standard check-in system for hotel during the rush hour, you do not get a chance to insert the added services you have to offer. But when guests are checking-in at their convenience, and there is no rush distracting them, this is a marketing and selling opportunity for you. You can bring the guest’s attention to paid upgrades, added services, or even any packages or offers that you may have active at that point. Many guests find these offers later on and may not feel the need for them at that point. But when they get to know what they can benefit from the start, they would make their decision accordingly. Just don’t let the opportunity to let them know slip by.

This is an opportunity you create for yourself to guarantee a better experience for your guest.

5.     No Data Mistakes

When you have a system integrated data plan, and the guests are filling it out, there are no room for mistakes.

One of the top 5 reason your hotel should have self-check-in system is that you want the right data saved that can easily be referred to when the guest makes a booking the next time. The hotel self-check-in kiosk or app keeps track of all the guest information that you can refer to including what time they checked-in, their room number, their identification, and much more. Keeping a manual record and referring back to them would be difficult. A smarter check-in system for hotel means a smarter way on how to manage everything around you. This guarantees a long-term relationship with your guests which is easy to manage and keep record of without the staff feeling overwhelmed in any way. The self-check-in app also lets guests keep a track of their history and go re-book a room that they had love previously.

The easier it is to keep your data mistakes-free and organized, the less mistakes and mishaps happen when the bookings are being made.

What is Your Check-in System Choice?

We have stated our top 5 reason your hotel should have self-check-in system in place, to help you make your final decision.

As a hotelier you would know how important the check-in system for hotel is for no booking mistakes to ever happen. If this data has any issues, you would have numerous problems at your hands. The hotel self-check-in system gives you an edge to avoid such problems and do what is best for your staff and guests. At the end of the day, staff is the main backbone of the hotel running and guests are the reason why everyone is working so hard. You need to find ways that are the best for both.

What are your thoughts about the self-check-in system for your hotel? Let us know in the comments below!


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