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5 Problems Everyone Has With Web Development – How To Solve Them?

It was in 1990 when the term WWW was coined, and since then, the domain of web development has caused much of a boom. There are much-talented software and web developers out there who have eventually become a necessary resource for the organization. However, despite all this, web development does get itself stuck in several difficult situations, which tend to lead to wastage of time and effort. Here are 5 problems everyone has with web development – how to solve them:

The Increasing of the Expenses Throughout the Process of Development

Clients are known to be very predictable as they change their requirements and expectations so very often, that it becomes difficult to cope up with them. However, this leads to a horrid and challenging situation, which results in wastage of efforts of the party as well as their time.

For example, in case of any scope of change in the work and you end up asking for more money, the client may not be that understanding enough to get a hold of the situation and may end up abandoning the project which can cause a severe threat to the reputation as a professional. The flip side of it is, if you end up not asking for a higher sum of money, this can result in lowering your morale and harm the project’s quality at the end. Who would want their name to be associated with mediocre quality of work? Nobody right.

Solution: The solution here is to have effective communication with the clients as early as possible to build a healthy relationship with them.

The Web Designs and Content of the Site Aren’t Ready

Web design and Web development do go hand in hand. However, in case the designer of the client is a little slow, you might spend more effort and time on a single project only. Some designers do have some great ideas in their mind, which is a clear indication of more work for you and some various revised requirements. Also, not having the hold of the content of the site can lead to a very delay in the launch of the website or a few features of it.

Solution: Before starting any project, it is essential to have both a designer as well as a client in front and have open communication with them. This will help you spare enough time and effort. Together, both the parties can show their clients the requirements which have been followed throughout. This way, the clients will be satisfied enough to see a proper working prototype of the website, which will help him or her provide concrete feedbacks and avoid wasting any further time.

If the Requirements Are Not Very Clear, Rigid, and Need a Change

The clarity in any project is the first step towards the success of the project. Clients who hire web developers in the past are aware of the importance of being very specific about the expectations of their final product. However, many fail to understand how accurate they are supposed to be. This can lead to problems that lead to cost more. There are times when the requirements need to be changed; this is a situation that takes place when a few critical features are overlooked and are not specified correctly. This can lead to causing a halt in the work while you end up renegotiating the entire contract again, which leads to an added cost and time.

Solution: To resolve the above-stated issues, it is essential to scrap any of the requirements. This might end up going against what you must have learned all your school life; it makes sense that you end up agreeing with your client on what exactly is going to be purchased and what is delivered at the end. It is vital to invest more time in identifying all the drawbacks and then work on them.

Measures Regarding Security Haven’t Been Considered During the Process of Development

There are several questions which come across while talking about security, such as:

How would anyone even locate my website?
Shall I worry about hackers?
My website is not very attractive as the other eCommerce websites are, shall I be tensed?

There are a few questions that are provided by the client while they discuss their need to secure the website. However, there are websites with no asset value or information of credit card or even the lack the confidential information which can be targeted to deliver to the various visitors. This results in affecting the ultimate user experience, which might render the website to be a useless one.

Solution: For the above problem, communication does play a huge role. You should communicate to the client the actual importance of securing their website and the advantages attached to it. You can even keep weight to your arguments by providing case studies or statistics and prove your point.

The Project Takes Extra Time to Launch

Timing has forever been a universal problem. There are many times that developers have some other clients who demand more of their attention as they have a massive list of corrections to be made, and they want the revisions to be solved immediately. The developers are generally under constant pressures of their clients to deliver the outcome within a stipulated time frame, which leads the developers to forgo some of the essential practices such as the black box or white box testing. This eventually results in the launch taking a lot of time, especially during the occasion when the website crashes or is found with the bug.

Solution: The solution to the above problem is not to forget to create a basic site version to launch into the cyberspaces. Also, during that time, do not forget to complete the central vision. It is always better to work on less, without actually comprising on the quality. This also gives the developers a chance to get everything in order and fulfill the expectations of the clients.

Author’s Bio:

I’m currently working as Content Manager with Web Designers in India. I have a great passion for digital marketing and I help small and medium-sized businesses improve their online presence and grow their revenue by formulating effective digital marketing strategies for them. Apart from Digital Marketing, I have a keen interest in India Web Designers, Web Development, Graphic Design, Web Application Development technology, etc.

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