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5 of the Top Digital Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye On in 2022

Worldwide advertising expenditures hit $762 billion in 2021. With all of that money invested in marketing, companies still can’t reach their audiences and grow.

Marketers and small business owners struggle to keep up with changes in digital marketing. Digital marketing went from a simple text ad to a complicated blend of channels.

If you want to get your marketing strategies ready to take off in 2022, you need to know what to expect in the changing world of marketing.

Read this guide to learn what the top digital marketing trends are in 2022.

1. Automation Takes Over

Business marketing is difficult to master because it takes a lot of time. Automation and artificial intelligence take the load off of your shoulders.

Automation is widely used in email marketing. You can automatically send emails based on customer behavior and to nurture leads.

Ecommerce businesses use automation to connect with customers after they abandon their carts. They’re successful in recapturing lost sales.

2. Short Videos Make an Impact

Video marketing expanded over the last few years. Where video marketing is going is in line with shrinking attention spans.

Short videos between 30 seconds and two minutes now dominate social media. TikTok, YouTude, Facebook, and Instagram have short videos on their platforms.

Your business has to find a creative way to capture the attention of users within a couple of seconds. Make short videos a big part of your digital marketing plan.

3. Search Marketing Evolves

What is search engine marketing? Search marketing is the use of paid ads in search engines. You place the ads at the top of strategically placed keywords that your customers use to find products and services

Make search engine marketing part of your digital marketing strategy. It will evolve because Google increasingly puts its attention into the user experience and the customer journey.

You need to understand the user’s intent behind each keyword. Marketers that tailor the user experience to each step of the customer journey will be rewarded.

4. Chatbots Close Sales

People naturally have questions about products or services before they buy. Chatbots are a way to automate answers and close more sales.

This is one of the top digital marketing trends to implement in 2022. You can set up a chatbot in Facebook Messenger and use a plugin to install it on your website.

5. Shopping Goes Social

Social shopping is the next step in ecommerce. Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels are making it easier for businesses to sell right on those platforms.

You get to create a seamless brand experience on social media sites and reap the benefits of those sales. Look for virtual reality to become part of the social selling experience in the near future.

The Digital Marketing Trends for a Great 2022

How can you have a great year full of growth and sales? Pay attention to these digital marketing trends in 2022. You know what to expect from your marketing efforts so you’re in the best position to succeed.

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