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5 Most Important Things Every Desert Traveller Need to Discuss

Top 5 Important Things Desert Traveller Need to Discuss. Dubai city tours offer various excursions on the high dune of its deserts in comfortable land cruisers. What you need to experience once in a lifetime are breathtaking sightseeing and a magical sunset. However, if one trip to Dubai is insufficient to fulfil your adventurous spirit, make sure to visit Dubai twice a year.

Doesn’t it sound exciting? Travel is often perceived as a safe addiction that not only broadens minds but also lengthens conversations. Take the luggage you bought specifically for travel, and enjoy the ride with your best friends or family.

Important Things Desert Safari Travellers Need To Discuss

Explore the beauty of a desert safari Dubai while relaxing in the comfort of an air-conditioned 4X4. Also, experience the beauty of Dubai, which astonishes your desires and offers. This one-of-a-kind outdoor entertainment is fantastic, and you will have a wonderful time on this tour.

You will have the best time here, and you will want to rent a desert home. Inquire with your tour director about any complicated questions you have about the outing.

When you’re visiting Dubai, you’ll want to do much more than shopping and eating in the malls. Going out into the desert is a great way to learn about different cultures. That is why one of these Dubai desert safari tours is a must-do.

You’ll be reminded of what Dubai was like before it became a global destination. There was nothing but sand for as far as the eye could see before all of these beautiful houses, designer stores, and posh restaurants.

  1. Dune Bashing and Upgrading Your Package

Dune bashing is one of the most common reasons people plan a long stay in the city of golds. This tour, which runs from sunrise to sunset, is spectacular. The golden dunes beckon you to come and enjoy some adrenaline-pumping dune bashing.

Experience this my-way or high-way approach that provides the most fantastic feelings. If your leg or some other body part has been broken in two places, it is best not to go in those two places.

If you want to upgrade from the simple package of 10-15 minutes to an exciting 25-30 minute dune bashing, ask the tour director how to do so. This can offer you the most thrilling adventure you’ve ever had in your life.

  1. Add-Ons

Take advantage of the excellent desert safari Dubai add-ons that are only available on demand. This allows you to choose the ideal location for your journey. However, certain things in your tour package may confuse you. Take some deep breaths and begin looking at the travel add-ons to get the perfect combination.

There are add-ons available to enhance your tour package. As a result, it’s a good idea to ask tour directors what add-on opportunities would be available. You may also suggest them if you have any specific activities in mind. It may include activities like a quad bike ride or a long camel ride. You should also bring enough cash because there are no ATMs in the desert, and you will run into problems.

  1. Souvenir Shops

Happiness cannot be bought, but then you can buy wonderful souvenirs from the desert’s souvenir shops. Since souvenir shops in the desert camp are leased, you’ll want to know if they’re included in your Dubai desert safari package. It would be best if you inquire more about the souvenir shops from your vendor.

  1. Exact Pickup Location

Will you be picked up from a particular location by the Tour Company or from your hotel? This is a fundamental issue that you can verify firsthand to prevent any misunderstandings or delays. A pre-determined meeting location is chosen so that your tour company can pick you up from there.

If your package requires a pickup from your home or hotel, be sure to include your exact spot, as the driver will be approaching you in his air-conditioned 4×4 at a mile per minute.

  1. Camel Ride

A short 5-10 minute camel ride is included in the simple desert safari package. However, if you want to go on a longer camel ride, inquire with your vendor about another package or how you can upgrade (including the cost). Inquire with your vendor about the length of the camel ride or other activities that you may do. As 3-5 people usually do camel rides at a time, you may indulge yourself in some other activity.

If you get bored during this period, take a pen from your pretty pocket, disassemble it, and reassemble it. Even if you come across any wild animals in the beautiful desert, don’t be alarmed; they’re on a sightseeing trip as well. Bring a flashlight with you at night to stop wild animals from attacking you. This tip is just for your safety.


The best way to spend a magical and unforgettable evening in Dubai is to go on a desert safari. Book now and experience the exciting dune bashing as you travel through the majestic dunes. The costs of this low-cost desert safari are reasonable.

You and your tour company don’t have to be like ships passing through the darkness. To prevent any tension on tour and stuff going awry, talk to your tour director about what you’re thinking about the ride. Dubai has a lot to offer to all its tourists. Currently, it is one of the tourist hotspots in the world. Regardless of anything, make sure to explore the beauty of desert safari Dubai.

At the Arabian Desert Safari, we bring to you the most interesting morning desert safari trip through our affordable packages. By offering you the best of our amenities and facilities, we help turn your travel both comfortable, convenient, and memorable. In our morning desert safari, we send our driver to pick you up from the hotel from where you will be taken to the desert safari point for dune bashing in a luxe land cruiser.

Enjoy Dubai Sand Through Our Exciting Safari Packages. Our land cruiser ride through the desert will leave you gasping for more. Thereafter we also offer you sand skiing opportunities which you cannot afford to miss. From serving you refreshment to dropping you in the hotel after the trip, we make your desert safari Dubai a delightful memory to cherish.

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