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5 Most Compelling Reasons You Should Consider Moving to Dubai

It’s never too easy to leave your town and shift base to another country or city, no matter how exciting the idea of living alone in a new place may sound. There is a lot to consider, and various factors come into play. The most important part, however, is to decide which city or country to move to. Now, one may have plenty of options at their disposal. However, Dubai is a city that checks all ticks if you are looking for a new place to move to. Expats form 80% of the total population of the UAE. And Dubai, being the most popular emirate in the entire country, houses a huge number of them.

On this note, let’s take a look at some of the major reasons why Dubai should be your top choice if you are looking for a new city to move to:

Beautiful Residences

When it comes to finding living spaces in Dubai, you will be spoilt for choices. There are abundant options available in a range of types and configurations. If you’re alone, a studio will make for a perfect choice. In case your partner is tagging alone, you can get a 1 or 2-bedroom apartment. For families, there are villas, townhouses and condos. There are waterfront homes in different configurations as well. They can help you escape the heat of scorching summer in Dubai.

Residential properties, particularly nestled in the latest projects, come laced with an advanced set of amenities and facilities. They have beautiful interiors, and the exteriors are fascinating as well. Needless to say, their rates are on the higher side. So, basically, it all boils down to your requirements and the budget, of course. If you’re single, looking for a job opportunity, living in shared accommodation can prove to be a better idea. On the other hand, in case you’re privileged to own an established business in the emirate, you can consider getting a villa or a townhouse.

Some people, who intend to cut down on their living cost, live in a nearby emirate and travel on a daily basis to their workplace in Dubai. For example, if you plan to move with your family, you can look for a villa for sale in Sharjah available at comparatively low rates. However, by doing this, you would miss out on all the luxuries and amenities available in Dubai.

A Luxury Lifestyle

Among many things Dubai is famous for, it’s the luxury lifestyle that takes the cake. The modern residences available in this emirate come with all sorts of luxuries. You can get infinity pools, service elevators, pools for kids, play areas, jogging/cycling tracks, fitness centres, covered parking spaces, etc., and a host of other amenities and conveniences with your apartment.

All these facilities play a vital role in defining the luxury lifestyle Dubai is famous for offering to its residents. Furthermore, most communities in the emirate are self-contained. They feature cinemas, shopping centres, convenience stores, medical facilities, recreational centres, etc. The availability of such places makes life a lot more convenient, apart from luxurious, in Dubai.

A Lot to Explore

Dubai houses world-renowned attractions. There’s a lot to explore for people of all ages. You can find here the world’s biggest shopping mall, the tallest building, biggest man-made archipelago, among various other things.

And, of course, there are promenades in various communities. These walkways have food trucks, eateries and other retail stores located alongside. All this makes them a perfect place to take a stroll on a lazy evening.

The desert safari trip is another world-famous experience in Dubai. Then, there’s the Dhow cruise marina trip that allows guests to enjoy the serene waters in a luxury yacht. And you can’t forget to try zipline. It’s a one-of-its-kind experience. Also, you can explore the underwater aquarium, ice rink (yes! They have it in Dubai) and some happening pubs and discos.

Suffice it to say, the emirate is no short of top-notch attractions and places to visit. You certainly can’t get bored during your stay here.

Abundant Professional Opportunities

Most people who move to Dubai are in search of professional opportunities. Communities like Business Bay, Dubai Media City, International City, Dubai Marina etc., have abundant corporate buildings. This is due to the fact that globally recognised corporate entities have their presence here. Local companies, too, do not hesitate when it comes to hiring foreign nationals.

So, if you’re skilled and have relevant experience, it won’t be tough for you to land yourself a well-paying job. Having said that, it’s important to know about Dubai labour law and other relevant regulations before starting your job hunt.

Investment Opportunities

The real estate market in Dubai attracts investors from across the globe because of the ROI it offers. The residential market, in particular, is preferred by both local and foreign investors. The launch of new projects in every part of the emirate has made it easy for new entrants to venture into the market. For example, projects like Stella Maris Tower and Vida Residences are gaining immense popularity. The former, in particular, is garnering a lot of interest from buyers and investors alike as it is going to be the last waterfront development in Dubai Marina.

If you are not interested in the primary market, the secondary market, too, is full of opportunities. You can buy a property and rent it. The rental yield in Dubai is quite high. This, however, depends on many factors, including location, configuration, and amenities available. One thing you must keep in mind is that a lot of other buyers have put up their apartments for rent in Dubai. So, you must keep it ready for viewing if you wish to grab the maximum interest of the tenant.

Also, there are no additional taxes. You keep what you earn, whether it is the rental yield or income from your job.

There you have it! These are some of the most compelling reasons that make Dubai the best choice if you are considering moving to another city. 

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