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5 Incredible Foods You can Have at Mesa Restaurant Costa Mesa CA

When you are heading out to Cosa Mesa, one can never miss out the Mexican cuisine. Mexican food usually goes beyond the traditionally simple food that is featured in restaurant chains such as Chipotle, and this cuisine is merely famous all around the world. To the simple tacos and the burritos, there is a lot more to the Mexican food. The tourists can explore the love for Mexican cuisine as some of the best Mesa restaurant Costa Mesa CA.

Without waiting any longer, let us now check into some of the best Mexican food that you can try out:


Tamales are Mexican staples carrying some traditional flavors to it prepared from masa, which is corn dough. The masa is then steamed and filled with various ingredients such as meats or simple veggies. One can even choose to add peppers in addition to the meat, cheese, and veggies. The tamales are then wrapped inside of a dried corn husk and steamed again following the filling process. You can enjoy the tamales with side dishes and sauces as well.


Birria is next up on our list. This is one of the best Mexican dishes that you can try out here in Costa Mesa. Birria is simple stew-like food that usually involves meat such as goat or mutton that is then simmered in a sauce that is rich in spices in this essence. The result is a delicious stew with tender and juicy meat in it.


Carnitas means meat in Spanish. It is considered to pork that has been cooked till tender. The tenderness allows the meat to be torn off the bones easily with the fork and chunked off in bits of meat. This is a well-known food and is featured in several chains of Mexican restaurant Costa Mesa CA. It can also be used in the concoction to stuff burritos and tacos. The carnitas is usually fried before service, along with the tenderness. This what makes the outside crispy while remaining juicy. It can make a great taco stuffing.


Well, tacos are the all-time favorite. There is a great reason why it is so much famous all around the world. They are the tortillas that are filled with cheeses, sauces, and fillings such as meats as well as bean, not to forget even veggies. Meat is the inevitable fact that is contained in a taco. It is in the preparation of the meat and the spices if you are wondering how these simple dishes derive their taste.


Mole is the item next up on the list. It refers to a family of sauces that are produced in different colors though most describe as Mexican curry. These different colors come in varying levels of spices and have different tastes in them. For adding to a tinge of sweetness, some moles even contain traces of chocolate.

These are a few of the dishes that we have mentioned here, but the list is merely endless.

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