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5 Important Social Media Metrics to Track

It seems everything is online and connected in today’s world.

And that’s why brand awareness and social media marketing are so critical. Without a social media or online presence, a company is virtually doomed to oblivion.

But it’s not enough to just have a social media presence and leave it at that. In order to understand whether these efforts are successful, it’s important to observe reliable metrics.

Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Let’s look at some key social media metrics to track.

1. Reach

One of the key social media metrics to track is social media reach.

Understanding the reach of your content is a good way to understand brand awareness. Reach helps you see just how many people actually view your content, which in turn gives you a clue to your audience growth.

Simply put, reach includes the shares, likes, re-posts, etc., which indicates how far your social media marketing strategy is expanding. Even if people aren’t interacting with your post per se, reach shows you how much attention your content is attracting.

2. Engagement

But while reach is a good thing, engagement is an even more important metric that you should be tracking.

After all, if your social media followers aren’t engaging with your content, you’re unlikely to win many conversions. In technical speak, engagement rates measure the number of interactions with your content relative to unique users.

In practical terms, engagement rates help you understand what your audience is interested in, and what they’ll continue to engage with. And once you understand this, you can fine-tune your content to expand your audience growth even more.

3. Blog Traffic

If your social media engagement campaign includes blog postings, then it’s important to track organic blog traffic for each month.

This includes tracking direct blog referral sources, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, email, etc. Again, this helps you tune your content, and decide where you need to concentrate your energies.

4. Influence

Influence can be one of the more difficult social media metrics to track.

After all, you either have influence or you don’t. But there are degrees of influence, and it’s something to continue aspiring for.

It all comes down to providing value for your audience and attracting them with inspiring content. Expanding your social media marketing campaign helps for boosting influence, and this is where something like a TikTok marketing strategy can prove fruitful.

Of course, going viral and expanding your influence on a platform like TikTok is not easy. Consider availing yourself of a service like SocialBoosting to help grow your audience.

5. Mentions

Finally, don’t overlook your brand’s overall mentions.

A “mention” refers to whenever your brand is mentioned by name anywhere on the internet (on a blog or elsewhere in the media), without it being a full article dedicated to your brand. This is the ultimate organic appearance—your brand pops up in an unrelated story, which indicates the extent of your brand’s reach.

Tracking mentions helps you track brand awareness and the buzz your brand is generating.

These Are the Social Media Metrics to Track

No one said running a successful social media marketing strategy is easy.

But knowing which social media metrics to track can help you boost brand awareness and grow your audience. So keep an eye on these five metrics, and tailor your social media campaign accordingly.

We hope you enjoyed this article. For more technology and social media advice, please check out the rest of our blog.

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