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5 Fundamentals of Engaging Website Design: How to Create Visual Impact

Are you planning to make an engaging website?

With almost 2 billion websites in the world, it is hard to stand out from others. However, website engagement can help. The hard part is learning how to make website content.

The good news is our guide can help. Read on as we discuss some principles to make an engaging website:

1. Website Purpose

Your user is at the center of your considerations. The design must accommodate their every need. Ensure your pages have clear intent, allowing your users to interact with what you can offer.

It begs the question, “what is the purpose of your website?” Do you intend to impart practical information? Do you want to sell products or entertain an audience?

Regardless of your intent, all websites share four core purposes. These are the following:

  • Describing expertise
  • Building reputation
  • Making leads
  • Sales and customer service

Once you determine your website purpose, planning your visual elements is easier.

2. Simplicity

The best way to deliver an outstanding user experience is through simplicity. It maximizes your website usability without compromising its aesthetics.

Start with color since it can evoke emotional responses. When you find a color palette fitting for your brand, your customer behavior becomes more favorable. Keep your choices limited to less than five colors.

Another consideration is typography. It functions as the visual aspect of your brand voice. Ensure it is legible while limiting your website to three varying fonts.

3. Navigation

Your website navigation determines how visitors interact with your website. When you have a well-made navigation system, users can find what they are looking for with ease. Otherwise, they will likely give up and look elsewhere.

When you keep your website navigation intuitive, you will have lower bounce rates. It ensures your steady rise in the Google search results page.

4. F-Shaped Pattern Reading

This principle pertains to the most common way users scan website content. Eye-tracking studies say most people often look at the top and left areas of their screens. For this reason, the F-shaped website layout imitates the Western world’s natural reading pattern.

Having the F-shaped website pattern is one of the best website engagement tools around. Consider using this principle when you aim to captivate a lot of Western audiences. However, never forget to incorporate unique website ideas to create your identity.

5. Visual Hierarchy

When you aim to increase website engagement, focus on visual hierarchy. It is all about arranging website elements in order of importance. You can do it using some factors like size, color, and imagery.

Using visual hierarchy means creating a focal point. It allows visitors to determine where the vital information is.

Make an Engaging Website Now

These are some tips to make an engaging website. When your goal is to increase website visitor engagement, use these pointers.

However, learning about these principles is only the beginning. Look for a reputable web design company to make the most of your investment.

Did this guide help? If so, read our other posts today.

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