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In recent times, living without electricity is almost an impossible feat. Nearly everything about the modern man now depends on electricity. Electric Works London has put together these safety tips so that you and your family can be safe.

Electricity has many functions; it keeps us warm, preserves our foods, cooks our meals, it also helps us have access to entertainment and communicate with our loved ones. Electricity has made our lives easier and more comfortable. However, it comes with risks. This is why we put together this post to help you know how to reduce your risks of electrical hazards.

All homeowners should know these safety tips. They would keep you and your family safe. Every year, there are thousands of fire accidents in homes and offices around the UK. Most of these can be avoided if safety tips are put in place. The International electrical safety foundation revealed that every day, 7 children are treated for electrical shock-related injuries.

The tips below will give you knowledge on how best to protect yourself and your family from electrical chaos. You would use your electrical appliances and devices and at the same time keep everyone in your home safe from harm.

5 Electrical Safety Tips for your Home

  1. Protect small children from hazards

Little children and toddlers are highly inquisitive, so you have to protect them. They love to explore anything they see. If you are a parent, you should put tamper-resistant safety caps on all electrical outlets that you are not using.

Also, you should tidy up all loosed cords. Keep these loose cords out of the reach of children so that they won’t tug on them.

  1. Keep electrical equipment and outlets safe from water

Water is a conductor of electricity. The slightest exposure to electrical equipment that has come in contact with water can lead to injury and sparks, which we don’t pray for. Wipe up spills immediately so that your plugs won’t get wet.

  1. Avoid extension cords if you can

Residents can trip and fall if extension cords are run through the house. This can damage the wire or outlet and even cause injury. It can also cause the cord to be ripped out of the wall.  You can contact an emergency electrician to install new outlets throughout your home if you are using extension cords around your home.

  1. Don’t overload your outlets

Every outlet in your home can deliver only a certain amount of electricity. An explosion or fire can occur if you plug in too many devices into it at once.

Make use of a power strip if you have a lot of things to the plugin. There are energy-saving power strips available. This will safely accommodate all your needs.

  1. Repair or replace damaged power cords

Don’t leave any wire exposed. Exposed wiring is dangerous. Don’t overlook it. If you see any wire in your home in which protective covering is stripped away, ensure that you cover it with electrical tapes or replace it as soon as possible.

For all your electrical needs, repairs, and services, get in touch with the best emergency electrician in London. We can handle any electrical problem and we are available 24/7.

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