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5 Easiest Ways to Make Money online as an Influencer – 2022

So you wanna Make Money online as an Influencer? or looking for the easiest way to earn without doing so much just by using your Social Media Platforms. I’m going to talk about the five different ways that you can make money online as an influencer without needing a ton of followers.

5 Ways to Make Money Online as an Influencer

There are so many ways to Monetize your Social Media Platform Through Different ways. but we only mentioned the most important and easiest ways that everyone can understand and follow to make money as an Influencer. Let’s have a look at the list –

Landing Paid Brand Collaborations

let’s get into it let’s start with one of the most popular ways that influencers are making money is brand collaborations. believe it or not, you do not need 10 000 followers to land paid brand deals.

I’ve seen people with under 1 000 followers land paid collabs. let go of that belief you’re holding on to because it is only limiting you. Brands are looking for all sorts of influencers there are macro-influencers, micro-nano influencers, and each one offers a different benefit to them.

When you have the confidence and what you can offer to those brands you have the power to use. But since you are already here I’ll give you a little. Head start with these third-party platforms where you can create an account and start landing your first collaborations.

How to get started with Affiliate Marketing

the second way to Make Money Online as an Influencer is probably just as popular as brand collaborations and that’s through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is when you can earn a commission or fee by simply sharing products that you love with your followers. Sometimes the commissions are based on per sale or per click. It just depends on the company that you’re an affiliate for.

Affiliate marketing done right is so powerful it comes down to authenticity. Because that builds trust with your followers when you’re only sharing the products that you genuinely love.

There are some platforms that make affiliate marketing really easy like the reward style. Some of them are amazon influencers, shop style, share a sale, and magic links.

Using an Amazon influencer account you can share a link to any product on amazon and don’t have to have a million different affiliate accounts to share all these different products.

Ways to Make Money online as an Influencer

so if you’re wanting to get started with affiliate marketing then definitely check out some of those platforms I mentioned.

Options for selling products or Merch

The next way you can start making money is by selling products or merch. There are two options here you can package your knowledge into products like video training, ebooks.

if you are not friendly with digital products just sell physical merchandise using your social media Profile. Which is a really fun way to build a community or your tribe.

You can even start your own Website to build a brand. For that, You can Hire someone through Freelancer websites and they’ll do all the stuff for you.

Services you can offer as a Virtual Assistant

The next way that you can start to Make Money Online as an Influencer is by becoming a VA or a virtual assistant. VA is literally can do anything. the world is your oyster as a VA.

you can offer services like inbox management, Facebook community management, Social media engagement, travel arrangements content creation, copywriting. literally, the list goes on and on.

Now there are a few places that you can go to get started you can post your services on websites like Upwork or Fiverr. You can check out third-party platforms like boldly or find communities with other virtual assistants on Facebook groups.

The best way that I recommend is by reaching out directly to people that you want to be virtual assistants. it’s as easy as introducing yourself and sharing exactly how you want to help.

Basically, when you’re pitching you want to come from a place of service and you want to make their job easier. where it would literally be a no-brainer to hire you this.

Setting up coaching services & memberships

The next way to Make Money Online as an Influencer might be easiest ever is to offer some sort of coaching service. whether it’s group coaching starting, a membership community, or even offering one-on-one services.

This is probably going to be your higher ticket item. because it’s people paying specifically for your knowledge and your time. You don’t have to be this like per successful business person to teach on a certain topic.

It can be on social media, mindset cooking, design, how to edit photos, how to design your home decor, organization party planning. literally anything. All you need to do is to get a website super simple.

You need is a home page. this is where you would introduce yourself to the service you offer and a link to book a consultation call.

You can have that link go to a google form. Where they just fill out their name email address goals and the best time to hop on a consultation call.

That link can go straight to Calender. The calendar could be used to book and schedule all consultation calls or coaching calls.

Make sure if you’re going into a field where you actually need a certification that you aren’t offering coaching before obtaining that certification. like physical training nutrition legal advice counseling all of that pretty sure that’s a no-brainer.

Just make sure that you’re doing your due diligence & not offering services where you’re legally not supposed to be.

Wrapping Up!

Now we think about how you can make money online as an influencer using your social media platforms online. There is nothing so hard that you can’t understand everything is clear and very easy to do.

Once you get into it you will find how easy it is to monetize your social platforms. Make sure you start one of them to generate income through your social media platforms. Also, tell us which one you found super easy to continue.

Shubham Bhardwaj

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