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5 Creative Home Photography Ideas

1. Taking pictures of natural light

Technically, you can take portraits from natural light inside or out, but in both cases, it’s a great excuse to take pictures. One of the best things about nature photography is that you don’t really need a lot of equipment. All you need first is a camera, video, and space.

2. Take pictures of children

Whether on weekends or holidays, you can take the opportunity and take the kids home quickly to take pictures. Similarly, this type of bump can be created indoors or outdoors with minimal equipment. If you can’t get out, consider a way to get creative inside. You can wear them in your favorite clothes, have a family pet, or use their toys as props (as you can see in the portrait photography course).

3. Taking pictures of natural light food

If you don’t shoot people, why not try photography in natural food? As you can see in your last food photography course, you don’t have to have an amazing cooking ability to take food at home. As you can see from our two natural light food pictures, Anna photographed a bowl of pasta and a plate with delicacies, all you need are some basic ingredients, a shooting location and a camera AND a tripod (maybe also mirrors).

4. Easy food photography at home

If you have a studio light, you can go a step further. Take a look at this food image class where I used only two studio lights to create a natural tone for a simple breakfast scene. With just a few studio lights, you can get really creative. Why not take an afternoon tea, a jar of feta or even a dessert that comes to mind?

5. Still life photography

Still, life photos are a great way to put your true creativity to the test and you don’t need much to get started. Our recent live performance of the Egg Challenge is a good example. I just drew an ordinary egg to show you the exact creativity that you can only use with lighting and backgrounds. Look around the house to find what you can find (be it books or fruit) and try to see for yourself how many different pictures you can take. This is a great way to spend time, test your skills, and increase your creativity.

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Amelia Grason has been writing for the last 6 years she always tries to write something different and unique recently she wrote on Famous Italian Photographer which was her great article too.

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