5 Common Injuries at National Hotel Chains

Hotels in Florida are havens for leisure, relaxation, and entertainment. However, despite the luxury and pleasure conferred by hotel stays in the Sunshine State, accidents do happen. When they occur, guests often deal with injuries, something nobody ever expects from a five-star accommodation. 

National hotel chains are no stranger to their share of guests falling and slipping poolside. In addition, jacuzzis and other hot surfaces can lead to burns that are often discovered late. There are also incidents of food poisoning and incidents involving the hotel’s electrics. 

In short, accidents and injuries, while usually preventable, do abound even in hotels. Many of these accidents are so preventable that premise liability attorneys like us work overtime to win injury claims for our clients. 

Read on to learn the five most prevalent hotel injuries plaguing guests at national hotel chains in the state. 

1. First and Second-Degree Burns

First and second-degree burns happen as a result of contact with hot or warm areas like hot dishes or water that has been heated at high temperatures. At their mildest, burns will usually manifest as slight discolorations of the skin with pain. These are first-degree burns. 

On the other hand, second-degree burns result in more visible damage to the skin. As well, second-degree burns are significant enough to lead to infection if untreated. 

2. Injuries From Tripping on Escalators

Given the way escalators are constructed, the possibility of clothing or shoes being trapped is high. When a shoelace or part of a dress gets caught between the escalator steps, a person can trip. 

Because the fall is usually forward, escalator injuries can take the form of bruised shins and frontal head injuries. If the victim tries to break his or her fall, then injuries to the elbow also occur. 

3. Hip Fractures From Slips and Falls

Slips and falls are some of the most common types of injuries at any establishment. Slips and falls occur due to uneven surfaces, improperly situated steps or footing, and slippery floors. 

Slips and falls can lead to several injuries. Due to the nature of these falls, the hip is often the most susceptible. Victims of slip and fall incidents will usually fall on their backsides or the side of their hips, resulting in hip fractures. 

Of any premise liability case, slip and fall incidents make up a significant portion of injury claims. After a victim proves that the owner of the establishment has not taken steps to ensure safety, a settlement is almost always a guarantee. 

4. Head Trauma

Head trauma can occur as a result of several types of incidences. It can happen after slip-and-fall incidents. It can also occur after a physical altercation between a guest and a person security staff failed to eject from the premises. 

Head trauma is most commonly seen in the facial area. In the case of slip-and-fall accidents, the trauma will usually be in the back of the head. Either way, head trauma is a serious condition that can lead to sensory and neuromotor problems when left untreated. 

5. Injuries From Swimming Pool Accidents

The swimming pool is another common site of injury in hotels in Florida. Injuries in this part of hotels can include a vast array of fractures and dislocations, especially following slips and falls poolside. 

The worst type of accident leads to drowning, causing death. This can make the hotel liable for wrongful death, especially if no safety measures are in place. 

Work With Our Premises Liability Attorneys When You Seek Compensation

Injuries, whether they occur on hotel premises or not, can cost a lot to treat. They can also leave you on the sidelines, unable to work and bring in income. To offset the financial and physical burdens of treatment and recovery, you need premises liability attorneys in the state with a proven track record.

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