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5 best things to do in Rajasthan

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There are to many things to explore and to do in India that it would be very hard to make a list with top places to discover. However, we would like to mention some of them that we have appreciated the most during our tour with private driver in India.

Our private tour to India

Our trip started from Delhi. We cannot deny that the capital is full of cultural treasures, however we don’t like too much such kind of animated big cities for that reason we stayed there just for few hours and visited only the Akshardham Temple, which was indeed perfect with its architectural conception and the spiritual atmosphere.


We arrived to Delhi in the morning, so we left the capital the same day to reach Mandawa and discover the Shekhawati region. It was a great choice. The beautiful traditional havelis of Mandawa were an excellent discovery. It’s typical, it’s Indian, that means it’s something authentic you will appreciate. These large residences of rich merchants built in the 18th and early 19th centuries offer an exceptional decoration with frescoes. During your stay in Mandawa you will also have an opportunity to discover the Mandawa Fort, founded in 1812 by Thakur Nawal Singh. Here you will admire its sculptures and paintings. Mainly vegetable pigments were used to color: carbon black for black, slaked lime for white, indigo for blue, saffron for orange and various colored clays for green, red and yellow.


After Mandawa, we took the road to Jaipur. Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and one of the incredible cities of India. Its historical cultural heritage cannot be compared with another city. The architectural monuments of Jaipur are all their own charm and beauty. The Palace of Winds, the City Palace, Galtaji, all were extraordinary. By visiting the Palace of Winds you will learn about the role of the woman at time of the Maharajas. If you travel with a private guide it would be even better as he will tell you more detailed information about the royal family that lives actually in the City Palace and why not maybe he will help you to meet them? During your stay in Jaipur don’t miss to explore also the Amber Fort. As we were explained, it’s better to go there by walk rather than on the elephants to avoid the animal exploitation. We totally agreed with our agency and took the option by walk, it’s just at 20 minutes to get there. And of course, at sunset, you will admire the magic beauty of Jal Mahal which seems to float on the lake.


Bundi was a pretty small city of Rajasthan. You will especially appreciate this stop if you prefer to discover a destination of the beaten path, as many travelers ignore Bundi in favor of other better-known cities. And the fact to travel far from mass tourism makes this place so charming and the inhabitants of the city so welcoming. Here you will not find vendors on every street corner! No Tuk-Tuk drivers who offer you prices ten times more expensive! Only curious people who want to learn more about you. The Taragarh fort and the Ranjit Ki Baori stepwell are the main highlights in Bundi.


When we were planning our trip, our travel agency suggested a stop in Ranthambore National Park to make a tiger safari. We read many feedbacks about the tiger safari and were hesitating about this visit. However we had the chance to see a tiger and we don’t regret for our choice.  It’s true that if you are not able to see the tiger, it would be a bit discouraging. So you will need to consider that. By the way, we made the jeep safari. We think it is better than to make it in canter, as you easily cross narrow paths and it increases the chances of spotting a tiger. The advantage of exploring the park in this small vehicle also makes it easier to stop. The park offers 2 safaris per day. We made it early in the morning, but maybe if you make also the safari in the afternoon, you will increase your chances to see a tiger.


Agra is not in Rajasthan, it is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh on the banks Yamuna river. Our tour could not be complete without the visit of the famous Taj Mahal. It’s the dream of many travelers around the world to visit this incredible monument at least once in their life. Each year, Agra attracts millions of visitors, making it the country’s number one tourist destination. We made a guided tour of Agra. Our guide was very knowledgeable and we enjoyed a lot his company and all explanations that he gave about Taj Mahal and Agra Fort. Make a scenic photo on Diana’s bench at Taj Mahal, it is something special you will always remember. The Mehtab Bagh is one of the best places to walk and admire Taj Mahal. To protect the Taj Mahal from the erosive effects of the sand, the park has been rebuilt and is now one of the best places to see the great mausoleum. Don’t miss to explore also the Fatehpur Sikri, not far from Agra, a pretty town listed as World Heritage by Unesco.

There were the main great places we have discovered during our trip with private driver in India. But we hope we will return to India again to discover other marvels of this amazing colorful country.

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