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5 Amazing Smart Home Appliances You Can Buy From Amazon

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Our life is highly influenced by innovative and smart gadgets. Our homes are getting smarter with the help of these devices. The quality of our lives is also increasing as we start our homes. If you want your homes to be automated, you can call RMS Installs in Woodstock GA right away. They are the best when it comes to smart home automation installation. Today we’ll be discussing 5 amazing smart appliances that you can buy from Amazon to make your lives easier.

So Here It Goes:

ZING Smart Night Light

Meet ZING, energy-efficient smart night light with dusk-to-dawn light motion sensors that can make you comfortable. It is powered by 12 full-color RGB and white LEDs. Each is capable of 4 billion colors and 512 levels of brightness. ZING can be as soft and as brilliant as you’d like. When ZING is detected, it will gently power up to 40% intensity via its bottom LEDs to help you navigate without blinding you on the way. ZING also works well with Amazon Alexa. ZING can link up with your phone to act as a virtual indicator for incoming calls, text messages and many other smartphone events.

BesDio LED Nursery Lamp

This is a portable, rechargeable and color-changing baby nightlight. It comes with cool color changing mode with dimming functionality. The RGB color model makes light glide through 8 velvety colors. To control the lamp, it has a touch sensor on the top. A longer touch will dim the light and a double-tap will activate or deactivate the standby mode. You can simply recharge this lamp with a USB cable. The timer will turn off the lamp if you fall asleep with the lamp turned on. The battery of this lamp can last up to 100 hours on a single charge. The kids are surely going to love this lamp.

ABOX A6 Projector

We often go for movies to the movie theatre but what if we could watch movies at home with a theatre like an experience. This projector can surely make you feel like that as it offers a 74 to 200-inch viewable screen and a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. It can create a sharp detailed high definition picture without a distortion-free image. With dual HDMI ports, you can connect gaming consoles, android box, Blu-ray player, and a DVD player. It has 4 TB of space so you can watch any movie at any time with great convenience.

Aura Air

Aura Air is a complete solution for air detection and purification. It detects and purifies, tracks and notifies on all things related to air quality in your home or office. It has a four-stage cleaning system. Firstly it analyzes air by circulating it and telling you what’s going on with your air. Then it purifies and disinfects the air. Then it serves as a smoke detection unit through filters. Lastly, it recognizes the air quality outside of your home. It’s also equipped with UVC technology. The Aura Air works seamlessly with your other smart devices.

Elechomes HEPA Air Purifier

This air purifier is perfectly capable of filtering out the air of a room of up to 350 square feet. It’s armed with four state-of-the-art filters. This purifier will trap and eliminate up to 99% of airborne pollutants. The HEPA filter captures tiny particles and the activated carbon filter eliminates odor only in 30 seconds. It comes with a dust and smell sensor which works together to monitor the air quality of your environment. The specialized child lock function prevents children from playing with the control panel.

These appliances can be a great addition to your smart home as they’ll provide you comfort and peace of mind. For more information about smart home installation Woodstock GA, feel free to contact RMS Installs.


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