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5 Amazing Features Of NueMD EMR Software

About NueMD

Before moving on directly to NueMD EMR features, we need to know a little bit about the software. NueMD emr software was developed in 1993 and the main motive for the development of this software is that they wanted to make the complex tasks simpler for all the doctors. Some tasks can be very difficult and time-consuming which is why NueMD EMR offers its customers all the important tools to make work easy for the doctors. Now that we know a little bit about NueMD EMR, let’s move on to why you clicked on this article, NueMD EMR features

NueMD EMR Features

We are going to list down the 5 best NueMD EHR features for you and explain to you their importance. The top NueMD EHR features are as follows:

  1. Patient Portal
  2. Reporting and Analytics
  3. Billing Tools
  4. Electronic Prescriptions
  5. Electronic Labs

1. Patient Portal

You must have seen many users complain about their EHR software not having a good Patient Portal. Many people who are using different EHR Software are mostly not happy with their patient portal because it lacks the correct tools. NueMD EMR realizes the importance of having a good functioning Patient portal and they offer you the best tools. Patient management can be really tricky and complicated and NueMD understands that. They have brought you the best tools an EHR software can offer to provide you with the best. 

Patients, while working, need a little control and freedom. With the help of the NueMD EHR patient portal, Patients can easily Schedule/reschedule appointments and view availability, Receive appointment reminders and alerts from your office, Access personal medical records, View current medications, lab results, diagnoses, and more, Read additional information related to a diagnosis, and so much more. These features not only save time but also increase the productivity of the practice which is really important. 

2. Reporting and Analytics

You must have seen many articles on how difficult manual reporting and Analytics can be in any practice let alone a medical one. Nobody can afford errors in their reports and when reporting is done manually, the chance of errors is very high. Reporting can be a very complex and time-consuming task if somebody is doing it manually. Work can be delayed and the level of accuracy is not maintained. NueMD is famous for making complex tasks easy and simple for you which is why they have come up with the best and all the necessary tools needed for Reporting and Analysis. 

NueMD EHR offers excellent Reporting and Analytic tools. With the help of electronic reporting and analytics, the chance of errors is very low and the accuracy levels are very high. These tools help improve the efficiency and productivity of the practice. Very less time is consumed during these tasks and there are no delays. According to NueMD EMR reviews, users love how easy and simple reporting is with the help of this software. 

3. Billing Tools

Billing can be really hectic and frustrating. I have seen many doctors and their employees struggle in this particular area because of the complexity of the task. NueMD EHR software has brought amazing billing tools for you so that you can perform your day to day billing-related functions with no problem at all. 

Automatic or electronic billing means lesser errors, all the data saved in one place, less clutter, and higher accuracy levels. This saves a lot of time and efficiency levels improve rapidly. 

4. Electronic Prescriptions

There are a lot of benefits of Electronic Prescriptions. NueMD realizes the time that can be consumed on prescriptions and all which is why it has made this task for you electronic. Electronic prescriptions can help you save a lot of time and you can focus on other important things. With Electronic Prescriptions, you can Organize lists of often-prescribed medications, including dosages, Receive alerts for drug interactions and allergies, Instantly transmit prescriptions to patients’ preferred pharmacies, Process refills in just a few clicks, Improve legibility, reduce errors, and save time, and a lot more. 

5. Electronic labs

Electronic Lab features can be extremely beneficial and useful for doctors. It has several benefits and can be really convenient for users. With the help of Electronic labs, users can, Order lab tests from the patient’s chart, Flag abnormal results for other providers, Eliminate manual data entry errors, Update lab charges and add to the patient’s bill in real-time, etc. 

You can book a NueMD EMR demo to test these features out and know the software better. 


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