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5 Alternatives for Epic EMR Software

About Epic EMR Software

EpicCare EMR Software was developed in 1979 and has been giving competition to every other EMR software out there. Epic EMR Software does not offer excellent features but Epic EMR customer support is known to be very helpful and efficient. So why exactly are we helping you find Alternates for Epic medical EMR? Whenever you search for EMR Software, Epic medical system is one name that will frequently pop up. The software is hard to ignore. 

Although Epic medical EMR is an outstanding EMR software it has some drawbacks among which its lack of interoperability is the main one. We see people looking for Epic medical software substitutes often. Don’t worry, we have got your back. In this article, we’ll tell you the top 5 alternates for Epic EHR. Without wasting any more time, let’s dive directly into that. 

Top 5 Substitutes for Epic EMR

Our top five substitutes for Epic EMR are as follows:

  1. NextGen Healthcare

  2. Practice Fusion EHR

  3. AdvancedMD EHR

  4. eClinicalWorks EMR

  5. Meditech EHR

NextGen Healthcare

NextGen Healthcare is a great alternative for Epic EMR as it is offering almost the same features as Epic medical EMR. It offers two options for EHR. There is NextGen Enterprise EHR and then there is NextGen Office EHR. Just like Epic medical software, this software also offers features that are unique and designed keeping the need of doctors in mind. 

Just like other EHR Software, NextGen is also designed to improve the quality of care and reduce administrative burden. This software is designed to cater to the needs of practices of different sizes and Patient care is always on top of their priority list. NextGen can easily be integrated with other medical software and is able to perform all the tasks that EPIC EMR performs. 

Meditech EHR

Meditech EHR is a great software catering to all sizes of practices. Improvement in healthcare is number one on their priority list. It offers features for a range of specialties including acute, hospice, ambulatory, home care, long-term care, and behavioral health. Meditech makes sure that there are noticeable improvements in your workflow efficiency and productivity. 

It is a great alternative for Epic EMR because it is not only a great software with almost the same features but it is also relatively cheaper. It not only offers EHR solutions but also provides revenue cycle management solutions. Meditech EMR is extremely user friendly and it gives tough competition to Epic medical EMR. Meditech is perfect for solo and small practices that are always looking for an affordable option as it offers all the right features and tools in an affordable pricing range. 


AdvancedEHR is an excellent software that gives tough competition to Epic medical EHR. The software offers high levels of customization which is great for doctors as they are always looking for options to organize things according to their ease. Customization means easier tasks, less time wasted, and improved efficiency. 

With AdvancedEHR comes high accuracy levels and improved productivity. In an affordable price range, AdvancedEHR offers features that are very hard to say no to. It has excellent analytic, scheduling, and billing tools. If you compare Epic EMR pricing to AdvancedEHR pricing, you’ll see that it is offering a variety of features and is cheaper. 

When it comes to SOAP notes AdvancedEHR clearly wins against Epic EMR because they are easy and can be integrated into other medical systems without any trouble. Consider AdvanedEHR if you are looking for an Epic EMR alternative. 

Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion is a powerful EHR that is specifically designed to excel. Practice Fusion is a great competitor of Epic EMR as it is offering excellent functionality and smart solutions to the problems of doctors. All the features that Practice fusion is offering are not only extremely useful but help improve efficiency rapidly. Enhancing patient care is their main objective and they work hard to achieving this objective every day, 

Practice fusion is HIPPA compliant and offers excellent tools to streamline your workflow without any problem. Practice Fusion offers expanded vital signs tracking features and that is where it wins over Epic EMR. 


eClinicalWorks is a very smartly designed EHR software that provides excellent tools for many doctors out there. eClinicalworks is catering to all sizes of practices and is giving a tough competition to Epic EMR. It is flexible software with excellent functionality. If you compare Epic EMR and eClinicalWorks side by side, you’ll notice that there isn’t much difference between what the two EHR software are offering. However, the pricing of eClinicalWorks is relatively lower. If you are anyone who wants a good Epic EMR substitute, give eClinicalworks a shot. 


Epic EMR Demo is great software but it does have some drawbacks which is why people are always looking for substitutes.


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