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5 Advantages of Using Temporary Staffing Agencies

In business, it’s important to always be ready for unplanned situations. You never know when your company will need extra help unexpectedly, and it could be one of those unexpected things. A temporary staffing firm can be useful in these scenarios.

A temp staffing agency can assist you with all of your temporary staffing needs, and they also have a lot of knowledge in the field. It may be beneficial to draw on that information and experience. Let’s take a closer look at 5 reasons why Seattle temp agencies are helpful:

1.    Good for market intelligence

The temp staffing agency’s employees have extensive knowledge of the business world and can be a great resource for you. For instance, they can give you the following kinds of market information:

  • Market trends
  • Comparative price
  • Candidate availability

If the staff has expertise in these areas, you can utilize it to improve your business. Using a temp hiring firm in this way can offer you an advantage over your competitors.

2.     Minimize Legal Issues

When you work with a temp agency, they will take care of the following for you:

  • There will be no problems with the Ministry of Labor (MOL) and your temporary employees
  • Will make timely payments of the WSIB’s required premiums
  • Will do thorough background investigations to find any other problems.

The temporary employment service can help you avoid significant fines from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) if they investigate by following strictly all applicable laws and regulations.

3.    Save money on ads, hiring, and interviews

The time and resources required for advertising, hiring, and interviewing potential employees are extensive. In all cases, your temporary staffing agency will be a huge benefit.

Getting someone to cover a limited number of shifts requires extensive advertising and interviewing, which is not practical for several reasons. If you need temporary help, the best place to look is a temp staffing service.

4.    Reduce training costs and time spent.

The process of training new staff necessitates a major commitment, both in terms of time and financial resources. It’s essential to have someone who can come in and start working right away to cover for someone for a few shifts. In fact, it’s one of the main advantages of working with a temporary staffing firm.

They have built up a significant list of qualified job seekers via their screening and recruiting efforts. The temporary staffing needs will be met with minimal impact and limited training time if you hire someone who already has the necessary abilities.

5.    Reducing Understaffing Costs

One or more of a lot of situations can cause a business to have temporary staffing needs. These consist of:

  • Illness/injury
  • Maternal leave
  • Family or personal circumstances
  • Changes in the workload
  • Short-term initiatives

Your business may now be forced to bear the costs of understaffing in these scenarios. These expenses comprise:

  • Extra pay
  • Some tasks might be forgotten.
  • Your personnel is more likely to make mistakes due to the extra work.

Can be harmful to a company’s morale

  • Overworked workers are more likely to suffer stress, anger, and even physical injury.

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