4k Android Led TV in Pakistan at Affordable Price

There was a time when a TV set required more than one person to move it. The TV Channels had to be tuned manually or the direction of the Antenna had to be changed. That was not that long ago and television technology changed rapidly in the last two decades. With the invention of LCD and plasma TVs, the thickness of a TV set was reduced to that of a book.

They not only became thinner and lighter but the visual quality also enhanced considerably. Then came the LED TVs and HD TVs which are way ahead of the conventional LCDs. The LED TV price reached its peak when there were few or no competitors and imported brands benefited a lot from their demand. The LED TV price in Pakistan just a few years back was out of reach of many Pakistanis but this changed when local manufacturers/assemblers stepped into the market and started offering somewhat the same features at a much lower price.

Innovation led to the development of smart LED TVs such as an Android LED TV which can enable you to do much more than simply watch TV. Compatible applications can be installed, you can browse the internet and watch anything you like. They have a much better visual quality and can make your movie or gaming experience very realistic. The Smart TV price in Pakistan was also following an increasing trend but this was checked with the introduction of local manufacturers/ assemblers and now there is a brand for almost every income group. There are numerous brands such as Sony, Samsung, EcoStar, LG, and many more offering several features at different prices.

65 Inch LED TV

Which is the best LED TV in Pakistan? This question depends on several factors. First, you should always get an android LED TV which is according to the size of your room. Second, being more expensive does not necessarily mean better quality. You should look for a brand that has a repute when it comes to quality, durability, and after-sales service. Bigger is always better if you have got the room to match it and a pocket to afford it.

The 65 inch TV will provide a theatrical experience to its viewers. The problem of affordability is also somewhat solved with brands like EcoStar for they offer the same features as Samsung at a relatively lower price. The smart TV price for a 65 inch LED in Pakistan has a great variance, ranging from 130,000 to more than 400,000. Brands like Samsung and LG have considerably higher prices while low-end brands offer lower prices with little quality. However, this market gap has been fulfilled by other brands which are offering quality products at affordable prices.

50 Inch LED TV

Many TV brands are also offering several features for their range of 50 inch LED TVs. Competition has increased over the years as new entrants try to gain a chunk of the market share. This has resulted in a reduction in android LED TV price in Pakistan and it has also compelled brands to improve quality. The LED price in Pakistan has witnessed ups and downs over the past few years because this is a fast-moving industry and competitors are increasing day by day.

In this ever-increasing brand competition, how do you choose the best one? Market research, customer reviews, and feedback for these brands should be your way forward. It is always better to let the experts guide you when there are too many options available and you find them confusing. Check your local market or a responsible store that is offering these products offline or online.The LED price in Pakistan has witnessed ups and downs over the past few years because this is a fast-moving industry and competitors are increasing day by day.

40 Inch LED TV

40 inch LED is most suitable for small to medium-size rooms. This is one of those sizes which have very high demand as most of the people find them affordable. This is why the 40 inch led price in Pakistan fluctuates more than the others. The 40 inch LED price in Pakistan 2022 can be expected to be higher due to its increased demand. EcoStar, Samsung, Sony, TCL, LG, and nearly all other brands recognize the 40 inch LED TV as their hottest selling product.

The price variation in this size is also considerable, with many of the brands selling somewhat the same features at a wide range of prices. One should however be careful and give due consideration to quality, durability, and price.

 32 Inch LED TV

Both the 32 inch LED and the 40 inch LED are the highest selling products in the Pakistani market. This is primarily because of their affordability and their compact size. All brands operating in Pakistan consider the 32 inch LED TV as one of their primary products. The smart LED TV price in Pakistan usually follows an increasing trend due to their high demand. As it is with the other LED sizes, this size too has a price that varies from brand to brand even though they all are offering the same features. The price of Samsung’s 32 Inch range starts from Rs.40,000 whereas  EcoStar LED 32 inch price in Pakistan starts from Rs.21,999/. That’s a difference of almost 19 thousand. However, the features and the quality are reported to be the same. You should conduct thorough research before making a decision.



The Pakistani market is loaded with options when it comes to Android LED TVs. There are numerous brands which include high-end expensive ones like Samsung, LG, and Sony; then there are very low-priced Chinese brands as well. There are also other brands like EcoStar and Haier which are relatively new to the LED market but have performed exceptionally well.

We recommend doing a bit of research before you decide which one you should buy. Read the reviews, surf the web, ask your friends, check the after-sales and replacement policy of stores. Then select a store that has a positive repute and believes in quality customer service. Don’t forget to be easy on your pocket, but not at the expense of quality.

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