4 Signs Your Furnace Filter Needs to Be Replaced

According to current projections, the number of sold HVAC units will surpass 151 million by 2024.

Having the ability to heat and cool your home is something that many people in the United States value, especially in locations with extreme weather. Yet, not everyone knows the proper way to take care of those systems that give us this ability.

If you haven’t replaced your furnace filter in a while, or ever, it’s time to do so, and it’s more important than you think.

Keep reading our guide, and if you notice any of the signs below, it’s definitely time for a replacement filter.

1. Your Electricity Bill Is Higher

If you notice your electricity bill getting higher, but your electric company didn’t raise their rates, there’s a good chance your filter needs to be replaced.

When the filter gets clogged and dirty, your furnace has to work harder to keep pumping the same amount of heat throughout your home. This requires more energy consumption, which means more electric use.

2. You Notice a Burning Smell

A burning smell can occur if your furnace’s filters are restricting the airflow.

There has to be a certain amount of airflow to prevent the motor and air filters themselves from overheating.

When debris or dirt gets stuck in the filters, over time, this can cause the whole contraption to start overheating and melting. If you notice a burning smell, you should immediately look into conducting some furnace maintenance.

3. You’re Getting Sick Often

While the changing of the seasons often brings on different illnesses, your furnace filter may be the actual cause of your sickness.

If your furnace is blowing contaminated or unfiltered indoor air, your health can be severely compromised.

Breathing in dust, dirt, and allergens can cause you to feel light-headed and dizzy, and you may develop a tightness in your chest, a cough, and a whole host of other cold symptoms. If you experience this, consider replacing your furnace filter.

4. There Are Longer Run Times Than Normal

If your heater’s cycles are running longer than normal, and you don’t notice the same amount of heat in your home, dirty furnace filters could be the culprit.

Your furnace may turn on and run through its entire cycle, and you won’t feel a difference in temperature. Depending on the type of furnace filters and how long they’ve gone without being replaced, your furnace may even blow cool air instead of hot.

This is a serious sign that you should explore your furnace filter options and do some replacing.

It’s Probably Time to Replace Your Furnace Filter

It can be difficult to remember to replace your furnace filter, but it’s essential to do so. Not only will a dirty furnace filter cost you more money, but it could also cost you your health.

It’s best to stick to a schedule with furnace filter replacement. Do it at the start of each season, and at least once before the season is over. If you can’t remember to continuously check it, use this guide so you can check for the signs.

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