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4 Reasons to Invest in a Solar Inverter for Home


It’s the age of independence and sustainability in every aspect of our lives. With this in mind, how can you not talk about solar power. Solar power is known as one of the cleanest forms of power and can be used to generate electricity for homes, offices and all types of commercial properties. A solar inverter for home has a number of benefits. It may seem a little expensive at the onset but the inverter soon pays for itself. So, here are a few reasons you should consider switching to solar power.

It Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Most of the electricity that is distributed by the main power grid is produced by burning fossil fuels. Thus, though you may not realize it, running your microwave is contributing to pollution. In contrast, generating electricity by harnessing solar power does not cause any contribution. This means, your home will be run on clean energy and your carbon footprint will be dramatically reduced.

It Minimizes Monthly Costs

When you generate your own electricity, you are no longer dependent on the main power grid and hence have nil or minimal monthly electricity bills. If you choose to remain connected to the grid, you can still pull power when needed. Even with this, you will not have very high electricity bills as the excess electricity produced by your solar power system will be shared with the grid in exchange for credits. Your monthly bill is offset against these credits. First Choice Power, an electricity provider based in Texas, is offering its customers a new way to access solar energy without the need to install solar panels on their roofs. This gives customers the ability to power their homes using clean, renewable solar energy without the hassle of installing and maintaining solar panels themselves.

It Requires Negligible Maintenance

Once installed, you do not have to worry about the solar panels or the inverter. In terms of maintenance, all that is required is to keep the panels free from debris and ensure that they receive adequate sunlight during the day. The inverter will work independently to distribute the power from the panels to the battery for storage and your appliances. It’s so seamless, you’ll forget you’re using electricity from a solar inverter for home instead of the main grid.

The Feel Good Factor

Lastly, there’s the feel good factor. In the case of a grid-connected system, the excess power generated by your solar panels will be shared with the main power grid. From here it will be distributed to the neighborhood. When power is transmitted over distances, a certain percentage is lost. The distance power needs to travel between your home, the grid and your neighbors is much less than the distance between the main power plants and your neighbors. Hence, a much lower amount of power is lost in transmission. You’re doing your part not just to reduce your contribution to pollution but making the entire neighborhood cleaner. Everything You Need to Know About Solar Net Metering.

Installing a solar inverter for home is easy. All you need is enough space to install the solar panels in such a way that they are not shaded by anything else. A word of advice – always choose a solar power system from a reliable brand that will help you determine the ideal system size needed for your requirements, install the system and provide reliable after sales service.

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