4 Qul Surah Religious Beliefs

4 Qul Surah:

The fourth of the five infallible pillars of Islam, or Sunnah, is Qul Surah. It states that “Allah has Power to heal all problems and illness, to guide all beings to the Straight Path, to give breath to the dead, to aid everyone in his hour of need, even to make the slaves of Satan forget his deeds and deserts”. This teaches us that we have a seal of Allah, a locket which is the seal of the Master, and it protects whatever is within.

The locket is usually made of gold or silver with a protective covering such as crystals, pearls, crystals, amethyst, quartz, citrine, etc. This covering gives it a polish as it reflects light and creates an illusion of radiance from within. Some locket are also made from plastic and encase a photo or a picture in it, then cover it with a clear plastic laminate. But the most popular locket is the one made of precious metals and sometimes includes a precious stone such as diamond or sapphire. A good quality locket will definitely last for many years and pass on the qualities and grace from generation to generation.

Lockets were known to be worn by the early Muslims, known as Muhiyyaahs, who used to wrap themselves in these chains when performing ablutions or when going to the mosque. Later, they were adopted by the scholars of Islam. When a scholar is asked to wear a locket, he usually wears it under his turban. Believing that this practice belongs to the early times, no Muslim will wear it except when travelling or when attending a funeral. So, how is it possible to wear a locket in the modern world?

Chainmail Suit for Muslim

You may wear a locket over your chainmail suit, as this is considered to be a conservative type of Muslim attire. But you can easily wear a locket on your necklace as long as you do not put any chains on it. However, you may want to avoid wearing a chain without a brooch or lockets. It would be better if you opt for a simple chain rather than putting on something flashy without brooches and lockets.

The fourth part of the 4 qul surah which pertains to the meaning of the locket is associated with the sun. The lightening of the world is associated with the presence of the sun in the sky and it is believed that when the locket is worn around the neck, the wearer gains protection against the heat of the sun. This is because the locket is believed to store the light from the sun. In Islamic beliefs, it is believed that the locket protects the light from coming into the world or entering the world. So, it means that when the locket is around, the user is protected from the ill effects of the sun.

Special Ramadan Day:

The fifth aspect is related to the protection that the locket gives to the owner. It is said that when the locket is worn around the neck, the person becomes protected from evil influences and from harm coming to him. This is especially true during the time of Ramadan. During the month of Ramadan, it is customary to wear a large chain called a break connected to the end of the locket. In some areas of Islam, it is worn by both men and women.

On the sixth aspect, it is mentioned that the locket also protects a woman from being unfaithful towards her husband. When the locket is around the neck, the husband can find it hard to deceive his wife. However, when she puts on the chain, she will feel secured since the husband cannot cheat her. Some people believe that it is better to wear a chain than an actual locket because the locket might lose its charm if kept around the neck too long.

The Arabic language has words that are very difficult to pronounce. Because of this, scholars have adapted the language for translation purposes and so the term Qul Surah was born out of necessity – to translate the word for “chain” in Arabic to English.

When you are wearing the scarf, make sure you tie it around your throat with the help of a moderate knot, so that you won’t have problems breathing. You should not tie the scarf tightly as that might impede breathing as well.

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