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4 Most Important and Tested Methods of Water Tank Cleaning

The water we use for drinking, cooking, washing, bathing, and cleaning comes directly or indirectly from a water tank. The quality of the water depends upon the condition of your water tank.

If the water tank is dirty and dust-loaded, the water in it will get contaminated affecting your and your family’s overall health. It can lead to certain skin and stomach issues. On the other hand, if you schedule regular cleaning  Services of your water tank, you can enjoy the availability of clean and hygienic water.

You can clean your water tank on your own or book professional water tank cleaning for on-time and hassle-free cleaning. If you choose to clean your water tank on your own, you can learn the four most important and tested cleaning methods here.

Most Important and Tested Water Tank Cleaning Methods

1. Sludge Cleaning

This method is based on the type of sediment you have to or want to remove from the tank. Sometimes, you leave your tank unattended for a longer time, letting the leaves, dust, dirt, and other debris find a way to your uncovered tank.

These impurities if left unchecked for a long time can make a thin layer on the bottom of your water tank making it filthy and unsafe for storing water. This layer is referred to as sludge. If you leave it for more time, it can deposit on the walls too.

It not only pollutes your water tank but also leaves a detrimental effect on the water coming in and out of your water tank. Contaminated water can cause certain water-borne diseases which can prove fatal if you do not take proper care.

Therefore, you should consider cleaning your water tank as soon as possible. The best method you should opt for is the sludge cleaning method.

The steps included in this method are:

  • Empty the water tank
  • Remove the sludge from the bottom of the water tank with a broom or brush
  • Do the same with the walls
  • Wipe out the collected sludge
  • Get inside the tank if possible and clean it perfectly

You can do this cleaning job on your own if you have basic cleaning skills and tools. But if you do not possess skills, do not worry. Book Water Tank Cleaning Services in town and get your water tank cleaned effectively.

2. Dirt Removal

Leaving your water tank uncovered let the dust and dirt enter it. If you do not take preventive steps on time, this can turn your clear and transparent water into dusty-coloured mud.

When you will use this contaminated water for drinking, cleaning, washing, cooking, or bathing, it can lead to certain stomach and skin issues. Such dust-loaded water also provides an ideal environment for harmful microbes.

Therefore, you should consider cleaning your water tank thoroughly following covering it accurately. You might be thinking that how can you clean your water tank properly.

You can clean your water tank on your own or book cleaning services in Lahore for effective and efficient cleaning.

If you opt for the first option, it is not that difficult. What you have to do is to get into the tank if you can, and clean it by continuous rubbing the bottom and walls of the tank.

The best option is to clean your water tank by getting into it and removing every particle of the dust by rubbing and rising. But if you can not get into your water tank, you can use a stick or rod long enough to reach the bottom of the tank.

You can tie a cloth on the top of the wooden stick and swirl it in the tank vigorously. And keep rinsing with clean water again and again. In this way, you can target dusty areas such as the outlet valve, bottom, and walls to remove dust from them properly.

3. Cleaning With High Pressure

As the name is suggesting, in this method we use high-pressure water to clean the water tank. You can clean your house water tank by using this technique, but actually, this technique is used for large-sized water tanks.

This method is best performed by specialized Cleaning Services. Professional service providers know the extent, range, and proper use of water pressure in cleaning.

But if you want to perform this task on your own¸ you do not need to worry. It is not that complicated. You just have to fix the pressure of your water and fire it straight into your water tank.

The high-pressure water will remove all the dust, dirt, grime, and debris properly. It also can remove the sludge which is far from your reach you can use the water pressure to remove it.

You can also use this water tank cleaning technique to clean your concrete tanks. It can break the adhesion of the sludge from the walls and remove it effectively.

4. Vacuum Cleaning Technique

It might sound weird in the given context, but let me connect the dots first then you will come to learn the logic. It does not mean that vacuum cleaning is only used in home cleaning, it is equally important in cleaning your filthy water tank.

There are two types of vacuum cleaning.

  • Dry Vacuum Cleaning
  • Wet Vacuum Cleaning

When it comes to the dry vacuum cleaning, we mean the cleaning of the water tank when it is empty and dry. When all the sludge and grime turn into dust particles, these can be easily sucked with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner picks up all the dust particles, dry leaves, and other debris which is present in your water tank. You can rinse your water tank with clean water when all the dust is sucked by the cleaner.

On the other hand, when we talk about wet vacuum cleaning, it means cleaning the water tank when it is empty but not dry. You do not have to wait for hours for getting your water tank dried up completely.

You can suck the grime, sludge, and other debris when there is a small amount of water left which can not leave the tank through the outlet valve. Use the wet vacuum cleaner and suck all the leftover impurities in your water tank.

You can find an expert water tank cleaner by searching “ water tank cleaning near me”, to clean your filthy water tank professionally. Professional water tank cleaners have got the years-long experience and training that make them the right choice for this cleaning job.

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