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4 Modern Bedroom Design Ideas

Are you ready for a bedroom revamp?

Research reveals that the average American spends 36 years laying in bed throughout their lifetime. A space that you spend nearly half of your life in should feel cozy and unique to you.

Little touches can make a big difference. Keep reading to learn about four modern bedroom design ideas that you don’t want to sleep on!

1. Bare Simplicity

People tend to collect a lot of stuff. This takes up drawer space and eventually creates clutter.

Make a statement about who you are by staying simple. Allow the few high-quality pieces you allow in to say all that needs to be told in the bedroom.

Picture a high-quality bed, a simple nightstand with a unique lamp, and an understated dresser. Maximizing the utilization of your closet space will allow you to keep your room like this.

Use shelving, built-in drawers, drop-down hangers, and stacking bins inside the closet so everything has a secluded space. Out in the room, keep all the colors muted and only use two to three tones that are slightly off from one another.

2. Blackout

A bedroom design should enhance your sleep. Blackout the room to help keep your space dark.

Long, heavy blackout curtains that cover the entire window block natural light. This works especially well for people who work the night shift and sleep at sunrise.

Paint the walls a muter grey and install black paneling behind the bed for a bold look. You can go with bedroom furniture in basic black or all shades of grey and throw down a trendy area rug that matches this color spectrum.

3. Bohemian

The bohemian design speaks to the creative free spirit. The style adds intrigue while remaining laid back.

Decorate simple wood furniture with things that catch the eye. Handmade decorations and jeweled pieces will allow you to shine through.

Keep your bedding fresh white or beige. Layer it with throws and pillows to make it stylish and comfortable.

Flowy sheer curtains appear chic while allowing only some sunlight into your sleeping area. Hang beads from the doorway for added flare.

4. Earthy

With global climate change a hot topic, sustainable décor could remain popular for a long time. Stick with wooden bedroom furniture.

Buy bedding made from organic cotton or bamboo. Choose Earth tones and accents with a wild animal pattern or faux fur.

Take high-quality pictures of natural settings and wildlife yourself and frame them with unpolished wood to hang on the walls. Decorate the rest of your room with live plants instead of things.

Mix 2022 Bedroom Design Ideas

Remember, this bedroom is yours. All bedroom design ideas should make you feel comfortable, relaxed, and happy.

Maybe one of these trending design ideas speaks to you. But always know that you can use these ideas as a guide and think outside of the box to make something more unique and personal.

We want our readers to feel excited and full of new ideas when they leave our website. Find more decorating inspiration on our home improvement page!

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