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4 Important Attributes That Every Child Must Learn

A piece of clay can be carved into any shape – a beautiful flower, pot or a monster at the same time. It all depends upon the potter who makes the shape. If it is turned to a beautiful flower, it attracts everyone. If it is turned to a pot, it can store water. But, if it is turned to a monster, neither it attracts people, nor is it useful but rather it becomes a destructive element. Similarly, the way a child talks or behaves depends upon the mold he is given by his potter i.e. the parents& the teachers. If you want your children to outshine in his/her overall behavior and not just in academics, then you need them to inculcate the 4 important attributes:

1.     Love Thyself

This is an important attribute which many of us lack. A child needs to be taught to love and value him. Unless and until he values his small achievements and knows his worth, he can never be compassionate to others. Self-esteem is highly important and should be taught to be embraced at a very young age. This boosts the inner self-confidence of the children.

2.     Be Resilient

Resilience is a very powerful attribute. Children of a very young age say 3 or 4 are often pampered in houses. They are given what they ask for. They seldom know about the unavailability of a thing, rejection or even a failure. As they step into school, they may face many rejections in school and many failures too. Parents should support their off-springs in such circumstances and show them how to manage the tough times by being resilient. Parents should never shield the kids from such hard situations. This resilient nature will help kids to face the world confidently.

3.     Be Curious

Curiosity to know about a thing is a very good attribute. This increases the critical thinking of a child. At school, the children should be curious to know about the subjects he is taught rather than mugging-up the entire syllabus. This curiosity helps him to think more and he will end up asking questions that help him connect to the subject at an ease. Top schools in Gurgaon encourage children to be curious. At home, parents should support children’s curiosity and not shut them up when they ask questions.

4.     Be Optimistic

The child needs to be taught to be positive and optimistic in every situation. If a particular thing was never anticipated to be a failure but was one. This would never mean the end of the world. He/she should be taught to see the positive sides of every failure and treat them as stepping stones to their success in the future.

To succeed in this competitive world, children have to be nurtured in such a way that they are ready to face any number of challenges, any circumstances right from the beginning. If you hail from Gurgaon and are looking for schools in sector 57 Gurgaon, Made Easy School is a good selection for your kids; it is a progressive school that focuses on the all-round development of the child and aims in nurturing a generation of kids to succeed in life and have a very bright future.

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