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4 Digital Marketing Metrics You Need to Track

Are you looking to improve upon your digital marketing strategy?

If so, you should start looking at your digital marketing metrics. These are analytics that will help you grow your brand’s online presence.

But what are the most important marketing metrics you should know about? Which are the ones that’ll help you make your brand stand out from the competition?

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Click Through Rate

The first metric you should look at is the click through rate of your website. This analyzes how often you get clicks on your website. This can include internal links and other media you’ve created.

You can look into a service such as Savant DSP PPC to help improve your click through rate.

You want to keep records of how many clicks per month you receive. You always want to ensure this is on an uptrend.

2. Impressions

Another metric you should pay attention to is the number of impressions. This refers to how often your social media ads have been viewed.

You want to ensure that you try to optimize ads that have a lot of impressions. It saves you from wasting time promoting ads that haven’t reached a wide audience.

3. Demographics

This is another great marketing metric that’ll help you with creating more marketing campaigns.

For example, let’s say your website reaches more women than men. You can create ads that target women. Or, you can create new marketing campaigns to increase viewership among men.

You can also look at other factors such as age, geographic location, etc. to understand who your audience is. It’ll help you create targeted marketing campaigns to reach out to this audience.


This is crucial for marketing on social media. You want to make sure you increase your follower count as much as possible.

You’ll have to expect that most of your followers will be casual. Most of them will not engage with your brand or become paying customers.

As such, you need a large follower base to increase your customer base. You need to keep track of how many followers you gain each month. You need to ensure that the follower count increases each month.

You have to set a goal of how many followers you’ll want to gain each month. You can set a goal of increasing the follower count by 10% to 15% each month.

Make sure you also keep track of how many followers are real. You have to ensure you reduce the number of bots or spam accounts following your brand.

Those Are the Digital Marketing Metrics to Focus On

If you focus on these digital marketing metrics you’ll have no problem with improving your brand’s online presence.

You want to start with the click through rate. Make sure that your website’s links get as many clicks as possible.

Next, you want to focus on how many impressions your digital ads get. Make sure you keep track of demographics to create marketing campaigns. You should also set goals to increase your follower base each month.

You can find even more marketing tips on our blog!

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