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4 Biggest Mistakes in an astrological consultation

Online astrology is a popular trend right now. There are thousands of people who want to get their birth chart read by an expert, but finding the right person can be difficult. Mistakes in an astrological.

Astrology readings online can be tricky because there’s no way to tell if you’re getting accurate information or not. If you make 4 of these mistakes when hiring someone to read for you, then it will cost you a lot of money over time.

This blog post outlines all the common mistakes that people make when they hire an online astrologer and how to avoid them so that you don’t waste money on inaccurate readings in the future.

I’ve also included some helpful tips for what questions to ask during your consultation so that you’ll know whether or not this person has any idea what they’re talking about before spending any money at all!

1) You don’t do your research beforehand

The first thing that people need to do before hiring an astrologer is to research the person’s background. This means that you need to do some Google searches on him or her and read through their website before making any expensive decisions.

You should ask yourself these questions:

How long has this person been practising?

What kind of education or training do they have? (degrees, certifications, etc.)

What do their other customers say about them?

Where did they go to school? (ask for the names of the universities that they attended)

You should always do your research before hiring any expert. After all, you would never trust a doctor who graduated from a diploma mill and has no board certification, would you?

So do yourself a favour and make sure that the person you decide to hire has the proper credentials. This one step alone will keep you from wasting money in the future because you’ll be able to tell if their readings are accurate right away by asking them these questions in your consultation: What year did you graduate college? How many years have you been practising astrology? Do you have any board certifications?

Asking these questions will ensure that you hire only the most qualified person possible.

2) You don’t ask them for their qualifications or credentials

This is a huge mistake made by many people who want an online reading. They think they can just google ‘astrologer’ and find the person who’s best for them, but this is NOT how it works.

Just because someone calls themselves an astrologer doesn’t mean that they know what they’re talking about. As I mentioned before, there are a lot of people out there who only have a basic knowledge of astrology and will take advantage of you if you let them.

So make sure that they provide their credentials before agreeing to any readings or consultations with them!

Do yourself a favour and google the astrologer’s name to see what other people are saying about them online before you even start this process. Type in a few of their unique keywords to see if any warning signs come up.

For example, let’s say that you type in the name of an astrologer named John Smith… but when you google his name, nothing comes up except for a list of other John Smiths who happen to be doctors, lawyers, and famous politicians. This might be a red flag that the person doesn’t exist and is just someone who’s trying to steal your money!

So always make sure that they’re providing you with their credentials before hiring them. Ask them for these 3 things: Their full name (including middle names).Their graduation year from college and their astrology certification (optional).

3)Believing that astrology is a one-size-fits-all solution

Another BIG mistake that people make is thinking that their life can be fully explained by a couple of birth charts. The truth is… this simply isn’t true.

Astrology can give you a rough idea of what might happen if certain planetary transits come into your life or what kind of trends you might see in the future based on where the planets are now.

But the only way that you can truly find out what’s in store for you is by talking to an expert! There are just too many variables involved in astrology, so trying to explain one’s entire life on paper would be ridiculous.

What I mean by this is…

If you ever go to see an astrologer and they tell you something like “Oh, it looks like Jupiter is transiting through your 11th house. I think you’re going to meet the love of your life soon!” then this simply isn’t true.

Jupiter can be transiting through your 11th house for years (or even decades) without having any real impact on your life. So instead of just instantly believing everything that you’re told by an astrologer, always keep in mind that there are other factors involved as well.

You know…

Just because the planets are lining up doesn’t mean that you should believe everything you hear! Sometimes it’s okay to be sceptical about what your astrologer says because they’re not always right.

4) You only go to one astrologer

As I’ve said before, there are a lot of shady people out there who will lie to you about everything when all you want is your money! So if you want to avoid this from happening… the best thing that you can do is always shop around before you make a final decision.

I know, I know… this sounds kind of strange since I told you earlier that astrology is more about quality than quantity, but it’s very easy to get scammed if you don’t do your research beforehand.

As a matter of fact…

Some astrologers are just better than others, regardless of how much experience they have. So you might go to see one astrologer only to be told that your life is perfectly fine and nothing’s wrong… while another person might be able to uncover a hidden problem in your birth chart.

You never know…

I would even say that it’s a good idea to see at least three separate astrologers before you make your final decision. Don’t worry… it doesn’t have to be an arm and a leg! In fact, most of the time just getting one chart reading is enough for you to understand what’s truly going on in your life.

Importance of using an online astrology consultation app

There are benefits to using an online astrology consultation app instead of trying to find an astrologer yourself. With the app, the background of the astrologer is verified. The research has been done for you in terms of the expertise and cost of the astrologers.

The app provides you with many kinds of astrologers to choose from. You can make your choice based on your needs or wants to depend on what kind suits you best.

The other benefit is that you can also get feedback from previous clients who have already interacted with this person before.


The four mistakes we discussed in this blog post can all be solved by using an astrology consultation app.

Your chart and the charts of others are just a click away with these apps, so if you’re interested in doing more than making minor tweaks to your life based on what’s written down about you, take some time today to find one that suits your needs!

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