4 Benefits of Installing Privacy Booths for Your Business

Did you know workplace noise is dangerous? We all know listening to loud music isn’t good for your hearing, but even regular ambient office noise on a daily basis takes a toll.

Do you want to reduce absenteeism, promote health in the workplace, and lower your insurance rates? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should consider privacy booths in the office.

There are plenty of privacy booth options for all types of office spaces. If you want to increase worker productivity and promote health and wellness in the office, privacy booths are a great choice.

Keep reading for the benefits of commercial privacy booths for your office.

1. Better Brain Function

Most employers and office managers worry about “safe noise” levels. If the noise isn’t above a certain decibel number, they don’t worry about it. Unfortunately, not all noise is safe even if it’s below government-mandated levels.

From employees talking on the phone to computer fans to phone notifications, employees get a lot of noise exposure in the office. All this noise makes it hard to concentrate which reduces productivity. Sometimes your employees need a quiet space to think and focus on their work.

2. Privacy

Quite simply, businesses buy privacy booths because open offices need a few private areas. It’s impossible to be at work all day without making a personal call now and then. Even some work calls discuss sensitive topics for the client.

It’s not important for all your employees to know that one of your employees needs her yearly physical. Taking a call shouldn’t result in embarrassment or the need to air one’s personal life to the office. In this case, employees take longer lunches or breaks to make their calls and productivity suffers.

A privacy booth offers a place in the office for a few moments of personal privacy. When you give this to your employees, they’re more productive the rest of the day.

3. Company Culture

More employees are demanding a good work-life balance. Recognizing the need for privacy and quiet spaces at work helps you retain good employees.

Employees are loyal to employers who recognize the importance of promoting good health in the workplace.

4. Commercial Privacy Booths for Collaboration

While the open office culture promotes collaboration, it also makes it harder for those not working on the project. A large privacy booth keeps the office quiet while allowing for collaboration between team members. Privacy booths come in many different sizes, like those at

WIth different sizes and configurations from which to choose, individual privacy and collaboration can easily coexist. When choosing privacy booths, think about the needs of your employees first.

Privacy Booths for a More Harmonious Workplace

Privacy booths are a great solution for open-workspace offices. They allow for collaboration while encouraging privacy, focus, and productivity. Show your employees you care about them by offering them the best of both worlds for a great work-life balance!

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