3D Product Configurator Software for Manufacturers

Many businesses have been using 3D product configurator software over the years. However, most manufacturers aren’t yet using this tool and miss out on its many benefits. As product configurator tools become more readily available, manufacturers are beginning to realize their potential.

A 3D product model configurator is a tool that can help customers simplify their ordering and improve their conversion rates. It allows you to capture customer data which can be used later for marketing.

The goal of manufacturers around the globe is to increase sales. The 3D Product Configurator software allows manufacturers to increase their sales by offering different options for customization and price management.

We will be discussing the benefits of product-configurator software for manufacturers to help you understand the value these features can have.

  • Interactive 3D Visualization

Customers can easily change the color or add elements to their product using a simple user interface. 3D Visualization gives customers the ability to see their creations from every angle. Customers can be confident that the product will behave exactly as they expect.

  • Access Products from Any Device

One of the best features of a 3D product modeler is the ability to access it from your desktop computer, tablet, smartphone, or smart kiosk at trade shows. Sales reps have greater mobility to help close sales. They can show potential customers their product and allow them to set it up and place an online order.

In addition, the estimates that half of the internet users are mobile. Accordingly, manufacturers need to provide customers with a mobile-ready setup solution.

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

Every manufacturer knows that customer satisfaction is crucial. Customers love to see what the product looks like before they buy it. Giving customers a 3D view of the product manufacturers helps reduce unnecessary back-and-forth communications, phone calls, visits to stores, and visits.

  • Seamless Integration with Third-Party Software

Modern configurators have the ability to be integrated with third-party software such as ERPs, CRMs, and CMSs. These integrations can extend the product configurator’s functionality and enable manufacturers to collect data and track orders. Additionally, the configurator can be connected to a database to store specific configuration parameters or customer information.

  • Reduce Costs

Product configurator software makes it possible for salespeople in the manufacturing and distribution sectors to do strategic selling. This allows them to reduce the amount of time that they have to spend on transactions.

In the same manner, a 3D configurator can reduce the number and complexity of CAD drawings sales representatives need to present to customers in order to make a sale. Finally, mass customization provides manufacturers with a clear, concise list of instructions that can be followed by the factory to speed up production.

  • Reduced Order Processing Times

Using CPQ software such as a configured can drastically reduce the time customers take to go from configuration, pricing, and then to quote. Configurator software can make a manufacturer’s life easier by expediting the process and pushing information into other systems to provide better insight. A configurator enables sales reps with limited time to display multiple configurations, so they can quickly recommend the best choices to their customers.

  • Simplified Processes

Data silos can pose a problem because many factory processes are not connected. A CPQ solution gives manufacturers the ability to automate product pricing, design, and order. Plus, configurators allow sales reps and engineers to create and implement a system that unlocks insight and patterns.


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