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35 Simple Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers

You’ve got a great live video concept and all the tools you’ll need to make it, but you’re stuck for ideas on how to advertise it properly.

We’ve all experienced it. It’s practically impossible to resist the impulse to cause “FOMO” and engage more people on social media.

We understand.

So, how can you make live stream promotion less of a guessing game? And how can you get more people to watch your live stream?

We’ve put together the best live stream promotion guide, complete with 30+ methods for attracting get more YouTube subscribers people to your live broadcast. This guide can be your go-to live stream promotion stack whether you want to discover some amazing strategies to promote your live stream before it starts, during the stream, or even after it ends.

Let’s dive in and see how these best practises will help you promote your live streaming.

How to get ready for your forthcoming live stream using materials and visuals

It’s critical to plan ahead of time to create a spectacular live video event that will entice viewers to watch more of your broadcasts.

Of course, the stuff you’re going to share is first and foremost. However, this is insufficient.

Live video streaming is an excellent way to establish your brand’s visual identity. Create a set of assets to use before, during, and after the live show to accomplish this.

The following items could be included in such a kit:

Thumbnail. A static picture containing important show information such as the title, date, time, and speaker’s name. Use it as a video cover for the live event recording and for pre-event promotion.

Countdown timer with animation. Use it just before the show to set the tone and build anticipation for the impending performance.

Clips for the intro and outro. Short video snippets that you may use to start and end your live show with a bang.

Backgrounds with a translucent backdrop are used as overlays. To make the live event more visually appealing, utilise lower-third visuals to introduce the speaker and various frames during the event. You can also design a “Key takeaways” graphic that you can virtually place next to yourself while speaking.

Images for the backdrop. Live events are inherently unpredictable. It’s helpful to have some lovely backdrop photos that read “be right back” or “tech troubles” that you may use while dealing with the force majeure.

The nicest part is that you don’t have to start from the ground up. provides a variety of pre-made live streaming templates in a variety of styles.

We have a variety of themes to make your live stream stand out, ranging from pastel and nude to vibrant and acid.

How to get the word out about your live video before it goes live

The process of building anticipation for your live broadcast should begin as soon as you decide to go live. There’s a lot that can be done to advertise a live stream, from adding banners to forming a social army:

  1. Make a live broadcast schedule.

As soon as you’ve decided on a theme for your live video, start scheduling it. It’s the cornerstone of a successful live stream promotion strategy, and it’s designed to provide potential viewers with all of the information they need to watch you live. So, schedule your live streaming and take a step closer to turning casual visitors into brand enthusiasts.

  1. Make a social media announcement

So, once you’ve planned your live video, make sure to promote it on all of the social media sites where your target audience hangs out. Create social media posts on all of these channels to promote your forthcoming live video session, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter.

At least two weeks before your live stream, promote it. Then, a week before, a day before, and lastly two hours before you push the live button, deliver a discreet reminder.

Here are some things to think about when promoting your live video on social media:

Upload a killer thumbnail: You may upload a thumbnail while generating a post to promote your video on platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Make the most of this tool to boost your play rates. Design a thumbnail that tells your audience what to expect from the live broadcast with’s online thumbnail creator.

Give it a catchy title: When it comes to play rates, the title you choose to promote your upcoming live session is one factor that influences its success. Make sure it’s engaging enough to elicit clicks and keyword-optimized to attract search engine love.

Include a description: Make sure your post’s text or description is intriguing as well. Also, don’t forget to include keywords in the description – but not too many.

Don’t forget about the hashtags: A hashtag is an often-overlooked yet crucial component of a social media post. Increase the chances of reaching your target audience by include relevant hashtags in your live video advertising post.

  1. Participate in online communities

To boost your live stream promotion, use digital communities, social media groups, and online forums. Smaller brands and start-ups can also use WhatsApp groups to send tailored messages announcing their future live streaming and explaining why and where to watch them live.

  1. Construct a social army

Convert your devoted fans into brand evangelists and use them to promote your live streams on social media. With bonuses and incentives allocated for your social army, encourage sharing and interaction on your live stream campaign. Don’t forget to thank your devoted supporters for helping to spread the word. It works like a charm.

  1. Plan an event

Another strategy to consider when thinking about how to gain more people on your live stream is to create a social media event. Include the date, time, and topic of your live broadcast, as well as an invitation to your followers.

Those that RSVP to attend will be notified about the event on Facebook, increasing the likelihood of more viewers tuning in when you go live.

Here’s a great example of a Facebook live event created by the

  1. Use a podcast to disseminate information.

Your live stream, like any other in-person event, should be advertised across all platforms. One of them is your podcast. Make sure to mention your upcoming live broadcasts in your podcasts. Share details like the live session’s topic, the day and hour, and the platforms you’ll be using. Your podcast is a great way to get leads. Make the most of it.

  1. Compose a blog article.

Here’s one for the voracious readers. Create a blog post that includes all of the information about your live video, as well as a brief summary. However, don’t forget to optimise the page to increase the number of visitors.

  1. Add teaser videos on your website.

Those tantalising hints! Short, dynamic teaser films or snippet trailers that instantly grab your audience’s interest will help you rock your live stream promotion efforts. As you distribute the teaser across platforms, be sure to include an appealing thumbnail and catchy language.

  1. Send out emails/newsletters promoting your live video.

Don’t forget about your email list when trying to figure out how to acquire more live stream viewers. To promote your live broadcast, send an email blast or a newsletter to your email subscribers. While you should not bombard their inboxes with live stream updates on a regular basis, make sure you promote it twice – once around a week before it goes live and again just a few hours before it goes live.

To increase interest, offer special rewards to your email subscribers, such as free downloads or a free coaching session, as Guide & Grow does in this email invite:

  1. Inviting visitors or working with influencers

Inviting industry experts or influencers to participate in your live streaming is a good idea. It’s an excellent approach to get your live stream in front of their existing audience. Having industry experts as guests gives your live broadcast a more real feel.

So, the next time you’re stuck for live video ideas, think about live streaming with guests and including fascinating conversations into your live broadcast.

  1. Write a guest post for someone else’s blog.

Okay, we talked about drafting a blog post earlier. So, what makes this one unique? This is all about producing a blog post on your live stream for a high-authority website. Writing a guest article for a popular website will help promote your live stream and offer you the opportunity to brag about some wonderful coverage.

  1. Customize your live videos.

Live videos, like any other content that promotes your company, should help with brand recognition. To trademark your live streams, utilise logos, customizable colours, and other visual components. During your live streaming, you may also design overlays and banners to match your brand.

  1. Make a Twitter announcement.

When you tweet about your next live stream, pin it to the top of your page to make it more visible. Don’t forget to include all of the pertinent information, including a link to the live video.

  1. Play a highlight video

On YouTube and Facebook, you can make a featured video for your channel or page. Create a teaser video to promote your live stream and designate it as the default video to be played automatically.

  1. Tell stories to elicit excitement.

Another wonderful technique to increase the number of people watching your live video is to use Facebook and Instagram Stories. They make it simple to promote your next live stream utilising stories on these popular social media networks and raise your audience count without putting in a lot of effort. Give them a shot.

  1. Incorporate it into your Instagram bio.

When it comes to attracting live stream viewers, content creators frequently overlook the most effective weapon on their Instagram pages: the bio. This 150-character description has the potential to enhance the number of people watching your live stream. Simply provide a link to the live video in your Instagram bio to direct people to it. That’s a fantastic approach to increase the number of people watching your live stream.

  1. Create banners or cover photos

Create some eye-catching banners and place them on the homepages of your social media accounts. Provide all necessary information without overcrowding the page. You can use a countdown to tell your visitors how many days are remaining until your live stream, or you can just display a banner with your live video schedule.

  1. Make use of paid advertising

Your target market is spread out across the globe. You may use paid advertising to get your live content in front of your viewers. If your live stream promotion budget is unrestricted, paid ads are a necessary. There are various ways to use paid ads to raise awareness, from social media marketing to retargeting ads (ultimately, new followers).

  1. Consistency is important.

If you want to expand your live audience, keep in mind that consistency is key. Follow a timetable and go live at a specific time. Your followers will know when to catch you live if you go live on the same day and hour every week or month. It’s an excellent technique for establishing trust as you grow your audience.

How to market your live video while it’s being broadcasted

Before you go live, not all of your potential viewers will find your live stream. Some people even notice it while you’re performing. Here are some strategies for making your live stream more discoverable during the conversation:

  1. Attract the attention of the audience

The typical attention span of a spectator is 5-10 seconds. So, if you don’t impress them in this time range, you might lose them sooner than you think. That is why, as soon as you start live, you must grab the attention of your audience. No more drinking coffee from your showy cup, no more long countdowns, no more lag time – start your broadcast with a smile and a compelling hook within seconds of pressing the live button.

  1. Multi-stream

It’s no surprise that your target audience is spread across multiple platforms. Your live stream shouldn’t be any different. Take your live video to many platforms at the same time to expand your reach. Stop losing viewers to your competition by using multi-streaming services like StreamYard and Restream.

  1. Reintroduce to increase the number of views

Let’s face it: while some of your viewers tune in early to watch your stream, some tune in later. So, to provide context — the what, why, and who – reintroduce yourself a little too often. Banners, lower-thirds, and overlays offering information about the live stream can all be useful branded features.

Reintroduce yourself and the topic of discussion several times during the stream, whether or not you incorporate branded features, to pique the curiosity of more people.

  1. Increase your involvement.

The allure of a live video is the ability for viewers to engage with it. Unlike other forms of material, you may interact with your audience in real time. So, along the process, don’t forget to respond to the commentators and answer their questions. To make your viewers feel special, you can pin comments to the top of the chat.

Also, during the stream, ask for shares and likes to get your live video into the feeds of your potential viewers. On that point, during your YouTube Live, leave a remark asking for more likes and shares, and pin it to increase interaction. To keep people interested in your brand, you might provide a link to your website or a live video landing page.

  1. Create a hashtag that is unique to you.

Remember to use a unique hashtag when you go live to improve the popularity of your live streaming. Keep it brief and unique to make it easy for your viewers to recognise your brand, like Nick Nimmin does with #nimminati in his videos.

  1. Reward them for their efforts, and your audience will grow.

As you stream, reward your audience with exclusive freebies, products, or content. It’s a unique method to increase viewership and engagement with your live stream.

  1. Take it slow and easy.

When it comes to generating interaction, the timing of your live video is quite essential. The higher the level of involvement — in the form of comments, shares, and likes – the more likely your live content will be discovered. So, if you want to get more views, go live for at least 10 minutes.

  1. Finish with a call to action

Never leave your audience hanging without a call to action. Before you end your broadcast, tell them what they should do next. Do you want them to share your channel with their friends? Do you want them to join up for your newsletter, or do you want them to sign up for something else? Whatever it is, make a clear call to action before you leave the room.

Pro Tip: Add a post-roll card to your sign-off that instructs viewers on what to do next.

After the stream, how do you market your live video?

After your live stream is over, it does not go away. Even when it’s finished, you may repurpose it to generate traffic. Here are some ideas for how to go about it:

  1. Share a replay or download a file.

After the live feed has ended, a sizable chunk of the audience tunes in. As a result, utilise a live streaming studio or platform that allows you to save your live video for replay and continue to gain views after the live video has ended.

Also, if possible, download the video and share it on multiple social media platforms. You can also integrate it on your website to increase the number of people that see it.

  1. Create a playlist for live material.

They’ll listen if they can’t view live streaming.

Don’t be surprised if the majority of your live stream viewers are there solely to listen to the audio. In reality, many people multitask while watching live videos (commute to and from work, workout, run errands, or perform household chores). That’s why it’s a good idea to group your saved live content into playlists, which will allow your visitors to consume similar live content in a continuous loop.

Playlists encourage viewers to stay on your channel longer, resulting in more overall views for your live content.

  1. Pin it to the top of the page or make it a featured video.

Set your live video as a featured video on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube, or pin it to the top of your newsfeed. This will ensure that your live stream is the first thing people see when they visit your social media pages!

  1. Create an episode of a podcast

Nothing beats video to audio conversion when it comes to repurposing live streams. Using our video to MP3 converter, you can effortlessly convert your live stream into an audio file and broadcast a podcast episode to expand your audience.

  1. Encourage the use of audiograms

After you’ve turned your live video into a podcast episode, use audiograms to promote the clip and make your live content more shareable.

  1. Create a content engine that includes landing pages.

Using landing pages, you can create a super content engine with your live videos. Put an end to live content atrophy by sharing knowledge in a new way.

  1. Make sure your video has captions.

Many of us check social media while driving, in the middle of a boring discussion, or when laying in bed waiting to fall asleep. Disturbing those around you is a no-no in all of these instances. And it’s at this point that videos with captions come in helpful.

Add captions to your live video as you share it on multiple platforms, as mobile videos are increasingly being watched without sound. It will let you connect with folks who want to watch videos without sound.

  1. Stay in touch with your fans

We previously explored how to use emails to promote your next live stream. Make sure to send a follow-up email to that email list if you chose that option. If they were unable to attend the live session, send them the replay. Request comments and topic suggestions for future live streams.

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