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3 Ways Hiring Multi-Talented Performers Pays Off Big Time

If you’ve ever thrown an event, you know how scary it is to consider that your guests might be getting restless or bored.  You want to give them the time of their lives, but you’re also at risk of making a mistake if you hire a performer you don’t really know or understand: how do you keep things interesting yet safe?

These are the top three ways hiring multi-talented performers can get rid of any risk or anxiety and how to hire them!

What Is a Multi-Talented Performer? 

Whether you’re trying to throw a birthday party or you want to make sure a corporate event is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of event: it’s vital that your entertainment is well thought out.  A multi-talented performer can take the building blocks of whatever else you’re creating for your event and can make it even more special.

Whether you’re considering a musician who paints at the same time or a comedian who’s also a fantastic public speaker, or an actress like Angelique Bates, wearing many hats can pay off.  Hiring a performer who can do many things can change everything about your event.

1- Able to Think On Their Feet

The best thing about hiring a multi-talented performer is that they’re more flexible and creative and able to fix or change things on a whim.  If you suddenly need them to fill a couple of minutes of dead air, they’ll be able to whip something up that will stun and inspire the whole crowd.  This alone makes hiring these pros more than worth it.

2- Wows the Crowd Far More

Speaking of the crowd!  The best part of an event is finding out that people have been talking about it for weeks after it ends!  Give your crowd the chance to cover you in compliments by throwing an event with the best performers possible. 

3- You Can Have Multiple Acts From Them

How many performers do you want to have that night?  Why hire three different performers? You have to go through the process of vetting and scheduling and hoping they won’t bail when you can hire one and pay them for the full event instead?  This is better for everyone!

How to Hire the Right Performer

When hiring a performer, it’s a good idea to take the time and assess what your budget is, how far out the event is, and what you’ll need them to do.  Your budget for a performer should be between two hundred to eight hundred dollars for an event, depending on how long it is and what skill level you’re hoping for.  From here, you should start planning your event at least two months ahead of time to ensure your talent will be available.  

The most common thing people want multi-talented performers to do is help host the event by MC-ing and also do stand-up, singing, or performing in some other way throughout the party.  This lets them take center stage and keeps your guest’s attention pinned on them! 

There’s No Reason Your Entertainment Should Just Be One Thing!

Although there’s always a time and a place for simple: it’s not your entertainment!  Hire a multi-talented performer to blow your guests away!

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