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3 Typical Moving Costs You Should Always Budget For

Are you wondering what the cost of moving home is so that you can prepare for your move? Moving costs are something that you will want to prepare and save up for before moving into a new home.

To learn more about the costs of moving into a new home and what kind of expenses you can expect to come across, keep reading. In this guide, we will go over some of the expenses you should account for when budgeting for your move.

1. Buying Moving Supplies

When preparing for a move, you will want to think about the costs that will come with the moving supplies you will need to gather in order to move your items. Think about supplies such as boxes, containers, labels, as well as moving tools that you may need such as carts or dollies. You should also consider supplies such as markers, tape, and bubble wrap.

You will want to consider how many items you are moving, how large they are, as well as how to best move your items in order to evaluate these costs. Ask around for supplies that you may be able to get for free as well. For example, ask your neighbors if they can give you cardboard boxes from their recent deliveries or visit your local grocery store to see if they have any boxes they could give you so that you can avoid this cost.

2. Professional Cleaning

Before moving, consider whether or not you will be in need of professional cleaning services. For example, will you need your old home to be cleaned for showings and open houses? Additionally, you may want to get your new home deep cleaned before moving in to make sure you are getting a fresh and clean start before moving your items in.

Hiring a professional cleaning team can help you save on time while getting a more in-depth clean. However, you will want to budget this cost into your moving cost. Check out the removalists for more.

3. Utilities

Another thing you will want to consider when creating a moving budget and plan is that you will need to factor in the utility costs at both your old and new residences. In some cases, there will be additional fees for ending certain utility services such as water when you move houses. Additionally, there are also fees for setting up certain utilities, such as wifi, that you will want to account for.

Think about costs such as electricity, water, and gas as well as any fees that you may need to pay to your homing community if any. Make sure to set up your basic utilities in your new home before move-in day to allow you access to basic housing needs.

Cost of Moving Home

If you’re wondering what the cost of moving home will be, make sure to factor in the above elements and more to create a moving budget that you can afford.

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