3 Truck Fenders Secrets You Never Knew

Fender is protective equipment for your vehicle. But the use of fenders goes beyond the protection of your vehicle. Many people lack the knowledge that a truck fender is not only protecting the internal parts of your vehicle. But it is also placed on your truck to prevent the vehicle behind your truck from getting hit by any road debris. Therefore, installing a good set of fenders on your vehicle will provide a complete package of equipment safety, styling, and lower driving costs. In this article, we will explore three amazing secrets about automotive fenders you never knew. These facts will surely help you in enhancing your technical knowledge related to automobiles.

  1. Fenders lower the wind resistance and cater to higher fuel economy.

As we all know, fossil fuel is a non-renewable energy resource. Thus, a rise in fuel prices is unstoppable. Moreover, with people becoming more capable of affording cars, the number of automobiles running on the roads will keep on increasing, which indeed will fast-track the depletion of fossil fuels. Hence, to counter the issue of fuel depletion, automotive engineers need to manufacture vehicles that are highly fuel-efficient and, at the same time, provide the necessary power to drive the vehicle at high speeds.

Therefore, to reduce the consumption of fuel, along with focusing on the development of newer engines using lighter materials to lower the weight of the vehicle and latest technologies in engine development which caters to higher fuel efficiency, they also used their knowledge of vehicle design for producing a car is aerodynamic and produce lower drag while traveling at different speeds.

Thus, they decided to use different equipment on the car, which can reduce the drag force and increase the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. One such component used was the fender. According to the latest research, an average of 50% of 18-wheeler truck fuel is wasted due to the aerodynamic drag it experiences. Thus, a fender around the sides of the vehicle ensures that the airflow is streamlined and hence lowers the consumption of fuel. If the fender was absent from the truck, then the area above the tire would be empty, and the air which travels along the side of the truck after colliding with the frontal area of the truck would have developed a turbulent flow which would have increased the aerodynamic drag on the truck and also lowered the fuel efficiency.

  1. Fenders are manufactured using different materials

Since when we see a vehicle, our focus is primarily on the front grille, stylish front and rear light, color, and door handle. However, very rarely do we notice the fenders and the materials which are used to produce them. Surprisingly, many different types of materials are being used to manufacture fenders. Gone are the days where only metals were used as the main raw material for manufacturing fenders. The materials which are being used to manufacture fenders are:-

  • Fiberglass

Fiberglass fenders are highly popular amongst the owners of show trucks and the trucks which are used in high-end applications. The fiberglass fenders are highly versatile and can be painted in any color of your choice, which matches your current color scheme. However, the maintenance cost involved in fiberglass fenders is typically high since even the small scratches are clearly visible on them. Moreover, there are high chances of replacements when they incur any damages.

  • Plastic Fenders

Fenders constructed using plastic are the most accepted fenders on the trucks because trucks travel over varying conditions. The plastic fenders are highly flexible and can handle damages easily as they offer high resistance to dents, scratches, and corrosion.

  • Metal Fenders

Metal fenders are evergreen. However, compared to the early stages in the automotive industry, where heavier metals were used for fenders, current fenders are lighter and much more durable than the earlier fenders. Metal fenders are currently being manufactured using aluminum and stainless steel. Aluminum provides the fender with lightweight, whereas stainless steel enhances the strength of the fender. Therefore, choosing between stainless steel and aluminum is difficult. Apart from the technical perspective, the metal fenders are attractive because of the polished surface. Thus, the metal fenders increase the appeal of your vehicle.

  1. Fenders Provide Safety to you as well as others on the road.

Earlier in the article, it was discussed briefly how the fenders provide Safety to others on the road. The coming paragraphs will help you understand in detail how the fender actually provides Safety to the people around the vehicle.

Initially, when there were no fenders on the vehicles in the early 1900s, during rains, the tires used to throw the slush which came beneath in every direction possible, thus making the vehicle filled with dirt and also created chances where the dirt and debris flew on to the vehicles behind. However, in the 1930s, when the fender was introduced on the vehicle, the problem of slush being flown away was solved. As time flew by, more researches were conducted, and they showed that fender not only helps in keeping away the slush and road debris. But it also enhances road safety.

If we observe keenly, the large trucks are being loaded heavily for transportation of goods. Thus when the truck travels on the roads, there are high chances that the small pebbles might fly over and hit the vehicles behind. This is because the truck tire tread is deep, and when the load is applied to the debris present on the road, it moves with the rotating tire, but the fender present on top of the tire acts as a barricade and prevents the tossing up of the debris in the air and prevents it from becoming fatal for other vehicles on the road.


Therefore these are some of the hidden facts related to the automotive fender. The automotive fender is not only a styling device attached to a truck. But it is also safety equipment that enhances road safety and prevents accidents from happening.

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