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3 Tips for Score High in IELTS Reading Test

IELTS Reading Test

The IELTS Reading exam consists of 40 questions and is designed to test a wide range of reading skills. These include reading for concept, reading for basic ideas, reading for detail, researching, understanding logical arguments and recognizing ideas, attitudes and goals of writers. Here are 3 tips for score high in IELTS reading test. You will receive similar types of questions in both the general IELTS general education exams and the academic exams, but the topics of the reading text are different.

Score High in IELTS Reading Test

Managing your time on the test is important because you only have 60 minutes to answer 40 questions. It is always recommended to spend no more than 20 minutes for each part of the Reading test, but if you find the first piece easy, you can complete it in a shorter time and allow you to answer the questions in the next two pieces. Pieces become more difficult when passing the test, so make sure you have enough time to resolve the final piece.

Read the Assignment Carefully for IELTS Reading Test

Every time you start doing something, make sure you read the instructions and examples carefully.

Most of the tasks are the same, so you’ll know them at first glance after completing some experimental tests. However, there are some details that you need to pay special attention to. This is what you need to focus on in the three most common types of tasks:

True / False / Not given: If you choose “truth”, then the whole sentence must be true. There are a few difficult questions in which not all the details are correct. Some may be right, while others are false. In these cases, the answer would be “false.”

Relevant Tasks: Do not cross out the options you have already used. This may seem like a quick way to do a task, but it can lead to errors. As an alternative, reassess all the options for each question. This will give you a chance to correct your mistakes to see if each type of word is better for the other question.

Fill in the blanks: Make sure you don’t go over the word limit for each blank.

Get Better at Scanning for IELTS Reading Test

Scanning is a reading method that allows you to find data faster. As you scan, you no longer have to read every word to the word. You just move your eyes over the text with a wave motion. You do not stop to read the details and do not waste time with unnecessary information. This is a great way to understand the main ideas of the text and find the information you want to read in more detail.

When you really want to understand the text, you want to understand what each paragraph says. Each paragraph has a basic idea, and that idea is expressed in a sentence. You don’t have time to read all the details and that’s good because most of them don’t need to answer the questions correctly. What you really need to understand in each paragraph is the information in the subject line.

So where do you find the sentence of the subject?

Usually this is the first sentence of the paragraph, but it can also appear at the end. This is the sentence that expresses the main idea of ​​the whole paragraph. Sentences are easy to identify because they seem to indicate what the future holds. Something like “There are many advantages to using intranets in companies today” is the subject of a paragraph that discusses the advantages of intranets. To increase your time, look for it in the first sentence, then the second, and then the last. Do this while reading.

Scanning can also help you quickly find keywords and numbers. Although numbers are usually easy to find, with keywords you should use your memory to find the approximate location of the place where you read it before and then search for the word that is discussed in detail. You should also look up key words and phrases in numbers, charts, and annotations.

Be Cool with Vocabulary for IELTS Reading Test

If you come through unknown words, don’t dread.

Even their mother tongue does not understand every word in every text they read, and that is good because all of these words are often irrelevant.

Remember, this is not a dictionary test!

You are not allowed to use dictionaries in the exam, but this should not be a problem. You spend a lot of time on the exam looking for every word you don’t know. So, you should forget about using them when practicing reading at home. Do not use a dictionary when you are reading something or taking an IELTS test. First, complete all the reading exercises yourself. So when you’re done, you can go back to the text and then search for something.

You need to train yourself to read and understand the general ideas of the texts quickly. You can identify the sense of a paragraph or sentence, even if you don’t distinguish every word!

If you want to improve your vocabulary, you can work individually after completing the IELTS internship exam in which you are working. There are texts that contain some really important words that are specific knowledge of a particular field and are listed in the dictionary at the end of the text. Every time you see a dictionary, you should read it to improve your understanding of such texts.

You may also be asked questions that use repetitive ideas or synonyms for words that are present in the text. For example, you may have too many paragraphs about the disadvantages of exposing children to television. The question may not use the word “disadvantages” as text, but it may use a synonym such as “advantages” or “disadvantages” instead. So, you will definitely get better if your vocabulary is rich, but you still have to be cool in finding unknown words.

Learn vocabulary as much as possible, but don’t stress if you don’t know every word of the text.

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