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3 Explosive Benefits of Video Content Marketing

Do you know why TikTok took off the way it did? Well, the COVID-19 pandemic hitting right when popular stars were beginning to get into the game didn’t hurt, but there’s a more scientific reason. Our attention spans are so small, that having short videos and an endless scroll of varying content makes TikTok neurologically addictive.

The average attention span has gone from 12 seconds in 2000, to only 8 seconds in 2016. It’s both impressive, depressing, and a sign of the times. To keep up with these shorter attention spans, you need to use video content marketing to make learning about your businesses and products as easy and accessible as possible.

But don’t take our word for it – we’re providing you with three inarguable statistics about video marketing, below.

1. 76% of Businesses Who Used Video Marketing Saw a High ROI

In 2021, one market partner, MotionCue, published a guide to video marketing statistics. And one of their findings was that a whopping seventy-six percent of businesses who invested in video marketing content saw a positive ROI and will continue to use it as a form of marketing.

That’s a staggering statistic, especially because the report was done during the pandemic when the market was unpredictable.

Most of the businesses in this report named awareness building as their number one goal of video content marketing. It doesn’t take long to see how successful this technique is. We’ve all been scrolling Reels on Instagram or TikTok and heard audio asking us to take a look at small businesses’ products.

Then you get into the internet’s inexplicable obsession with both boxing (packing orders) and unboxing (unpacking orders) videos, and the content practically makes itself. Utilize those audios and video ideas if you’re selling a product.

2. 86% People Make Purchasing Decisions Using Social Media

Almost ninety percent (up at least four percent in the last two years) of women use social media to decide what to buy. Enter another viral short video trend: try-on hauls. During these videos, influencers try on a bunch of clothes from a certain brand, give their fit opinion, and other commentaries.

Women find influencers they relate to and take their advice on everything from sizing to what color to get.

3. It’s the Best Way to Work with Influencers

Don’t underestimate the power of influencers, even when it comes to non-clothes products.

TikTok user Mikayla Nogueria has blown up many a brand by seeing a video of another influencer trying a product, trying it herself, and expressing her opinion to her millions of followers. And that’s not by chance. Almost 50% of consumers look to influencers (on any platform) for product recommendations.

One spokesperson video could be the answer to your product selling prayers!

Benefits of Video Content Marketing

While admittedly, it’s harder to make a video than it is to type up a quick Facebook (we mean Meta?) post, video content marketing is the future. And it’s past time to decide if you’re going to get on-trend or not — you can’t afford not to!

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