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3 Examples of Best Chatbot UI

Chatbots, like many other technologies these days have evolved from being purely text-based interfaces to little interactive assistants. They’re fascinating! Though it can be challenging to keep up with all of their personalities and capabilities. but that just shows how much personality is needed in any sort of interaction nowadays. (especially one between humans)

Chatbots should be easy to use and quick. They shouldn’t make customers feel frustrated or like they’re being ignored, so put some thought into your chatbot’s user interface!

Let’s get started. Chatbot interfaces are everywhere, and it can be hard to keep up with all their advances! Well look no further because we have the answer for you here in this article.

What is Chatbot UI?

Artificial intelligence-powered chatbots are sleek and sophisticated, capable of handling any user query with ease. They’re also designed to be efficient: their natural language interface allows you to communicate on your terms, not the computer’s.

Chatbots are able to communicate in many different languages and they understand natural human language. However, you should be careful when creating your chatbot UI because some interfaces limit what can be asked or said by its users with predetermined answers like button options only which limits the variety of questions that will occur during conversation on how best to use them.

But Chatbots are designed to understand and respond with context. Many rule-based chatbots can be programmed to handle a variety of text or voice input, but they often work best for specific tasks like customer service or sales pitches.

What’s the difference between Chatbot UI and UX?

In simple terms, UI is how humans interact with a computer. UX or user experience comes from the overall feel of using products like chatbots and websites that can include different factors such as visuals to noise levels. Humans have been interacting through screens for decades now but there are still many problems when it’s time to design those interactions since we don’t know what our users will want in an interface anymore!

Customers want to be able to easily escalate an issue if they need help from a human representative. Chatbots might not always provide what you need.

Chatbots are a great way to expand your business and improve customer experience, but only if they’re designed with care. Carefully considering every detail of the functionality in mind can help create better user experiences for both consumers as well as potential clients/customers who may be skeptical about chatbot services at first glance or when trying out new technologies on their own.

5 Examples of Best Chatbot UI

A quality chatbot interface allows you to achieve several things:

  • A personalized branded experience is not only more effective, but also provides the customer with an outstanding user experience.
  • If you want to make a lasting impression on your customers, the first thing is human-like communication.
  • Handle a variety of tasks ranging in difficulty.
  • The more customers you can assist at once, the faster your business will grow.

Here are Chatbot companies who pay attention to their UI designs can ensure that users are comfortable and more likely to be convinced:

  • Lark – healthcare chatbot:

Lark is a contextual chatbot that helps patients. Designed to have human-like conversations, it can be used via mobile app to communicate with the user in an authentic way about their health concerns and treatment plans.


Lark never fails to put a smile on your face with his friendly, kind and humorous personality. Users can engage him through chat or voice for a more personal experience but button options are available as well.

Lark CEO Julia Hu reported that seniors use their chatbot as a sort of social outlet, which is easily seen by its UI. Research shows that senior citizens are more resistant to using new technology due in part because they lack confidence and UI for interacting with such programs, but not this one! Lark created an easy-to-use Chatbot UI filled with features tailored towards older users. It allows them full control over health information without any assistance needed from others or confusing screens upon login attempts.


Lark is here to help you manage your stress and anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic. They offer behavioral health coaching so that people can find relief from this difficult time in their life.

The health chatbot is a calming green, which symbolizes rest and good health. It sends uplifting messages to motivate its users through tranquilizing soundscapes with relaxing colors that are easy on the eyes!

What you can do:

To create a lively experience and inspire your users, mimic Lark’s UI approach by picking one color to capture the emotion of your brand. Use images, graphs or praise in order to make it as engaging as possible for those who visit it.

Lark has a lot of different ways you can make your voice sound more professional and persuasive, but one way is by choosing the right words. Locate some common phrases that people use on social media or customer service chat conversations for inspiration when writing a script with an audience in mind.

  • Chatfuel – Facebook chatbot provider

Chatfuel is a Facebook Messenger chatbot builder that lets you create decision tree-based chatbot with some contextual capabilities. Chatbots created by the service are used in major companies like Lego, Netflix and Adidas to automate tasks for customers on their platforms.

Designing for Messenger is a bit more limiting than designing on other platforms.
You generally have two choices: black text and white background or blue speech bubbles with gray backgrounds. But there’s still room to make your chatbot stand out!

A lot of people often think Facebook messenger Chatbots are just boring because they’re limited in what you can do design-wise. Until now! To personalize their interactions users will need some sort of creativity.


Chatfuel, one of the most popular chatbot platforms out there uses images and text along with button options in order to interact with users on your behalf! You’ll even have Hello Fresh Freddy automatically detect keywords related to food you specify so he knows how best to navigate through messages from customers searching similar topics while recommending playlists to listen while cooking.


This chatbot approach is minimalistic in design but easy to navigate. It resembles and functions similarly as if they were having conversations with their friends on Messenger, which makes it more natural for users of all levels to engage with.

What you can do:

Don’t let the limitations of Messenger stop you from creating a Chatbot. Try using GIFs and quiz questions to make your chatbot stand out, or add interactive elements like buttons for quick responses on top of typed commands if necessary!
You’ll want to give your chatbot a unique icon that sets it apart from other messages in customers’ friend lists.

  • Replika – self-help chatbot

Replika is one of the most human-sounding chatbots on the market. It can even learn to mimic your mannerisms and speech patterns, making it perfect for those looking for an artificial intelligence (AIs) assistant with personality traits like their own!

Personalized companionship is now available to everyone, with Replika. The intelligent chatbot was created for those in need of a companion that can adjust its mood and tone based on the user’s mood or conversation topic!

Conversations are never boring with Replika. You can select from a variety of topics or issues that you’d like to discuss and it will keep the conversation moving, whether by selecting topics for discussion or even throwing in some input on what should happen next! There’s also an option where users create music together through their Chatbot. Giving personality badges as they learn more about each other along the way.

Creating a personal, cozy environment for conversations is the goal of Replika. Replika can be accessed from web and mobile to switch between modes that are optimized with different backgrounds as well as uploading one picture representing your own personality or style; all designed to make you come off sounding more believable!


What you can do:

To keep your chatbot feeling like you, give users control over their own backgrounds and colors. Studies show that personalized content makes people feel more satisfied by satisfying their desire for choice; reducing information overload in the process!

In order to keep conversation and a chatbot flowing, it is important that you provide the bot with creative responses. For example: “yes,” but add something like “and then we can go on another dinner sometime.”

Things to consider when creating a Chatbot UI

What is your chatbot’s purpose?

The use of chatbots is quickly becoming more popular, but many businesses don’t even need one. Why spend the money and effort if there’s no gameplan to it?

Give your chatbot a purpose so it doesn’t become an online annoyance. Without one, the  Chatbot will just keep talking to you no matter what, whether or not anyone is really listening!

What can your chatbot do? Think about the tasks that are most important to you and then break it down into a list of potential abilities. What’s viable for your budget, time frame or customer base will be determined by how complex these actions might become!

For starters, you need to determine where and how often will your chatbot live. Will it be solely on the website or do you want offer this service through other channels as well?

How will your chatbot look, speak and behave?

Creating a chatbot is easier when you have an idea of what your character looks like. We created this guide for those who are starting out in the world of Chatbots. So they can create their own profiles accordingly! How your chatbot looks, behaves and speaks as well as its strengths.

Once you know the characteristics of your chatbot. It will be easier to come up with a catchy name for it. There doesn’t seem to be any preference between human names and cutesy ones so use whatever suits what brand best!

All of this preparation will help with script writing, the longest yet most important element in chatbot UI creation. This is where you can really make your Chatbot stand out from others and show off any unique abilities it might have!

No matter what type of chatbot you use, the speaking mannerisms and tone should be professional for achieving that human-like feel. Prepare for topic deviations, words or phrases with double meanings, misunderstandings.


Jordan works closely with the marketing team. Currently working at Appixels as an outreach specialist, His expertise lies in Outreaching and SEO Content Writing. His rule of thumb is to ensure user satisfaction and make user-friendly content by using his writing skills.

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