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3 Best Video Editing Tips for YouTube

Are you a beginner to the wonderful world of YouTube? Or are you a professional YouTuber? I’m sure that there’s something everyone can learn from this article, but let’s make sure if we cover the basics first. Apart from that, you can hire a YouTube video editing service to get the things done in perfect manner.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a site where users upload videos and other users view them. It has since evolved to become so much more than just a video viewing platform and has since introduced several features such as live streaming, an app store and live events. It is owned by Google and functions very similarly to another site owned by Google: Blogger.

What kind of videos can you upload?

Pretty much anything, but something to keep in mind is that YouTube is a video-sharing website, not a hosting service. Videos uploaded to YouTube are automatically compressed and converted into Flash format by default to reduce download time, but this does mean that HD content can sometimes look worse on YouTube than it would if you downloaded the original file from your computer.

Glad we got those sorted out! Let’s get started.

Edit Your Videos with These 3 Basic Video Editing Tips

Some of us just go and upload our videos onto YouTube and don’t bother editing them at all. Others might spend 30 minutes to an hour editing their video. If you’re in the latter group, then these tips are for you! Oh, also check out this post on 50 Free Ways to Boost Engagement on YouTube, it’s full of great tips that can help you be more successful on YouTube. So let’s get started…

Tip 1: Be Aware of What Time You Start Recording When recording a video, always make sure your intro includes something like “this is a test,” or anything else that lets your viewers know they aren’t watching a production-ready video. It’ll be really annoying if your viewers have to sit through a minute of you saying stuff like “this is my room” or whatever before they get to the actual content, only to find out that it’s not what they hoped for.

Tip 2: Try Adding Thumbnails After uploading your video on YouTube, add thumbnails underneath the video’s title and description that will grab people’s attention and make them click play. You can do this by going into the advanced settings of your uploaded video. And don’t forget to add a thumbnail preview within your video while recording! This allows viewers an instant preview of what they’re about to watch.

Tip 3:First off, this is a tip for YouTube video editing. There are many ways to edit videos, and I’m sure you can get better results if you use another method. This is just how I do it.

First make the room nice and dark, close any windows and turn off all lights that are on! You don’t want light reflecting off of your screen as you’re filming.

You’ll want a good camera to film with, but I’m going to assume that you already have one because you’re looking at this article. The only other thing you might need is a tripod or some sort of stand for your camera so it doesn’t move as you record.Now choose the videos you want to upload, either from your camera or a hard drive. You can use multiple files for one video if you think it’ll help the flow of the edit.

Now open up Windows Movie Maker and drag all your videos into a timeline view.Next, just drag the videos around so that they’re in the correct order. You can delete bits if you need to shorten them or add more video if it’s too short.When you’ve got it how you want it, click “Project” on the top (for me it’s either 1250x720p at 24fps, so they appear as thumbnail images on the screen. Try to keep them in order from first to last. If you’re a beginner and don’t know how to operate video editing tools, it will be better to hire a professional YouTube video editing service.

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