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The Best CB Radios is a difficult list to compile because so many factors go into determining which radio is best for your activities and vehicle. Having said that, there are a few distinct units that have surged to the top this year. If you’re seeking to add the most powerful cb radio to your collection or are just getting started, here are the top 5 Best CB Radios of 2020, in our humble opinion as your online CB Radio specialists at Right Channel Radios. NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY THE LIST.


This is the obvious choice for a ruggedly reliable (and attractive) SSB radio for your Jeep, Cruiser, or commercial vehicle. We won’t go into detail about the rest of the features, which include NOAA weather, channel scanning, and automatic squelch, but we could… Get the McKinley SSB radio if you need a strong SSB radio.


This radio is our most popular full-sized CB, and it’s known for its long life and durability. It’s perfect for pickup trucks, semis, and other rigs with a large cab.

This is a beast of a model that performs admirably in any situation, whether you’re cruising the super slab or going on washboard roads.Cobra hit the nail on the head with this model, which has remained essentially unchanged for almost 30 years. After all, why fix something that isn’t broken?

MIDLAND 75-822 – Best Handheld


President Bill ultra-compact and robust CB Radio, which has received 5-star reviews across the board, is ideal for Jeeps, Tacomas, UTVs, and other small-cab vehicles that are short on room but big on grit. This radio is almost the same size as your iPhone, and it comes with a fast release bracket for quick removal. Use the 6-pin mic to control channels and tuck the radio away in a tiny spot. What more could you want from a small radio than NOAA weather and channel scanning?

MIDLAND 75-822 – Best Handheld

That is why we included this fantastic handheld device in our list. The Midland 75-822 is the most powerful cb radio that can be used with or without a docking base. Of course, linking it to its docking base extends the communication range, with a maximum range of 15-20 miles and a minimum range of 2 miles. Because of the attached antenna, users can be more mobile when they detach it.


CB radios are designed to make people’s life easier, not restrict their mobility. That is why we included this fantastic handheld device in our list. Of course, linking it to its docking base extends the communication range, with a maximum range of 15-20 miles and a minimum range of 2 miles. however, disconnecting it allows them to be more mobile.

The Uniden Pro 510 XL is a solid, rugged solution for off-road or industrial use, and it’s our top selection for an amazingly durable, small (and surprisingly affordable) CB radio. With basic CB features and an ANL noise filter to decrease electrical or engine noise, this heavy-duty CB is perfect for any use and fits comfortably in any vehicle. With all of these capabilities and a price tag under $50, it’s no surprise that this is one of the most popular CBs on the market.

Are you looking for the best CB Radio for you and your rig? Check out our Learning Center and our Choosing the Best CB Radio page for more information. Alternatively, you can use our CB Radio Wizard to get CB product recommendations tailored to your car.

Premium Portability


The twenty-first century has delivered us always-on, always-connected Internet devices that keep us connected no matter where we go. Almost wherever we go.

Even today, it is possible to lose a mobile signal and be without a dependable means of contact if you venture outside of larger metropolitan regions. Fortunately, there are other choices that can help us stay in touch with others even while. we’re in some of the most remote locations on the planet.

The Cobra Road Trip portable CB radio is one such alternative, a strong and useful instrument for overlanders, campers, and hikers who frequently find themselves off the grid.

To someone of a certain generation, the name “CB radio” (which stands for citizen’s band, by the way) conjures up thoughts of enormous rigs and cheesy 1970s movies. You might recall the square and massive dash-mounted CBs from the same time period. The CB craze was hot in the United States for a while. And seemed like everyone was installing them in their cars for those “just-in-case” emergency circumstances.
The Cobra Road Trip bears no resemblance to those vintage CBS. This device, in fact, resembles a two-way radio or walkie-talkie, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go. This makes it far more useful and versatile than previous CBs. allowing it to leave the constraints of a car and head for the path, a campsite, or a hilltop.

The Road Trip feels substantial in hand, but isn’t so hefty that you won’t want to bring it with you. It weighs just 9 ounces (255 grams). Its powerful antenna is tough enough to stay put when not in use. but it’s also simple to remove when not in use.

Powerful and Versatile

Despite its small size and portability, the Road Trip does not skimp on functionality. While conventional two-way radios have a restricted number of channels and capabilities, a CB may broadcast on 40 channels and has the extra bonus of enhanced strength.

In addition to the standard CB radio functionality, Cobra has included a few additional extras that make the Road Trip stand out even more. For instance, the handheld unit may simultaneously work on two different channels. which is useful when coordinating communications between two people. The device can also check all 40 CB channels for broadcasts, making it much easier to connect with others.
Hungry for Power
For a gadget this tiny, the Cobra Road Trip can broadcast with up to 4 watts of power, which is quite astounding. It has a range of up to 4 miles on average, though this varies based on topography, height, interference, and other factors. A CB can transmit for 20 miles or more if it has a clear line of sight and is at a higher height. However, in my testing, I discovered that the 4-mile range was rather accurate in a variety of settings.


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