20 Essential Points of Choosing Medical Education in Ukraine

  1. Good Options in Abroad

If an Indian student considers all the good options in abroad while choosing a medical university for his or her medical education, then Ukraine comes up amongst the top names on the list.

  1. Study MBBS in Ukraine

There are many good options available in Ukraine for the students to pursue their medical course while looking into the option to study MBBS in Ukraine.

  1. Educational Sector

The war with Russia has not affected the country much and the educational sector of Ukraine is still growing with success.

  1. Recognized by WHO

There are many universities in Ukraine which are recognized in the World Directory of Medical Schools by the World Health Organization (WHO) which means that the degrees obtained from the universities of Ukraine are acceptable anywhere in the world.

  1. Practical Medical Degree

The students can practice their medical degree from the medical schools of Ukraine anywhere in the world which makes Ukraine a hot prospect for pursuing medical education by students of many countries.

  1. Educational Hub in Europe

Ukraine is an educational hub in Europe and has produced a large number of graduates and postgraduates in the field of medicine from some of its finest medical universities.

  1. Importance of Overseas Students

The residents of Ukraine realize the importance of overseas students coming in their country and getting an education from there and that is why are always welcoming and supportive to foreigners.

  1. Affordability of Education

In terms of affordability of education, the country offers a very good tuition fee structure and hostel fee structure.

  1. Seminars Organized

The universities regularly organize culture and educational seminars for the overall growth of the students. They have academic tie-ups with universities across the globe.

  1. No Donation Charge

Indian students have been valuing Ukraine as a major option for their medical education after realizing the importance of degree from the country instead of giving hefty donations to get admissions in excessively priced medical colleges of India.

  1. Getting Chance to Study MBBS in Abroad

Even the parents have also started recognizing the importance of getting a chance to study MBBS in abroad for their children.

  1. MD in Ukraine

In India the medical graduate degree is called MBBS however the degree from Ukraine is under the name of MD which is similar to that of MBBS in India.

  1. Courses Specialization

The universities of Ukraine provide several courses in the medical fields such as General Medicine, Surgery, Pharmacy, Nursing, Dentistry, Pediatrics, and several other post-graduate specializations.

  1. Climatic Condition

The climatic condition in the country is moderate and students find easy to adjust in Ukraine.

  1. Taught in the English Language

The overseas students are taught in English, however, they are also taught the local language from the 1st year of their course.

  1. Training and Internship

This is done to ensure that the students at the time of their training and internship and daily living should not face any trouble while dealing with the local people of Ukraine.

  1. Accommodation Facilities

The accommodation facilities are top quality in all the universities of Ukraine and the students are regularly advised to keep their rooms neat and tidy to maintain the room hygiene of all the students.

  1. Hostel Facilities

The hostel rooms have all the necessary amenities with a central heating facility installed.

  1. Indian Foods Available in Hostels

Also, the food is excellent in the hostels with options for a variety of dishes available for the students.

  1. Restaurants of Ukraine

The Indian students can easily find tasty Indian food in the restaurants of Ukraine.

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