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20 Best AI Tools for Education

Most of the discussion around the use of artificial intelligence (AI) devices is typically targeted at businesses, but AI has the potential to be a game changer for AI to dramatically enhance our educational systems. It’s one of the most efficient tools that teachers use and can often free teachers of administrative burdens. These tools are not designed to substitute teachers, but instead, let them concentrate more on their student’s education.

AI is growing quickly in the educational sector and is fast growing into a multi-billion dollar market across the globe. The rapid growth in this sector comes from its capacity to change several aspects of learning and teaching processes. AI can create immersive learning environments, create “smart content,” ease barriers in languages, fill in the gaps between teaching and learning and create customized plans for each student, and so on.

Numerous innovative companies are creating AI Tools for Education that can help achieve these outcomes. Let’s take a look at the top 20 AI Tools for Education for teaching:

1. Gradescope

Gradescope AI tool enables students to compare their work and give feedback, which is typically time-consuming tasks that are not supported by AI technology. Gradescope utilizes a combination of Machine Learning (ML) along with AI to make it more simple to grade, saving energy and time.

By outsourcing these duties teachers can focus on the most important aspects of their job. Gradescope is a tool that can be used by teachers to grade exam papers and online homework as well as prepare projects in one place.

Here are a few of the principal characteristics of Gradescope:

  • Manual and AI-assisted question grouping
  • Time extensions for students
  • AI-assisted graders
  • Fairness and efficiency are improved.
What is Gradescope? (Old Version)

2. Nuance’s Dragon Speech Recognition

Based in Burlington, Massachusetts, Nuance offers software for speech recognition that is used by faculty and students. Nuance’s Dragon Speech Recognition product can be transcribed at least 160 words per minute which can help students who struggle to type or write. The software also provides the use of verbal commands for navigating documents, which is vital for those who have accessibility issues.

Dragon provides a variety of additional features, including the ability to dictate lesson plans, syllabus worksheets, reading lists, worksheets, and much many three times more than typing. The program achieves this with an accuracy of 99.

Here are a few of the key characteristics of Nuance’s Dragon

  • Accessibility includes features that support commands in the form of words
  • Voice assessment to evaluate student work
  • Do class work and dictate it with 100% accuracy
Making the lives of children better by using Nuance Dragon software for speech recognition

3. Ivy Chatbot

Ivy is a collection of chatbot AI applications specially designed specifically for colleges and universities. They can assist with many aspects of the process for students, like applications, enrollment forms and tuition fees, deadlines, and much much more. Another distinctive feature of Ivy is the ability to design recruitment campaigns using the data it has collected.

The AI tool is able to provide vital information to students like important details about grants, scholarships, loans tuition payments,s and much more. It is able to be used across departments because of its ability to design specific chatbots for each department.

Here are a few of the major characteristics of Ivy:

  • Nudging SMS and live chat
  • Integrations for Facebook, ERP, CRM, and SIS
  • Get smarter with time by interacting with other users

4. Altitude Learning

A platform online for professional learning Altitude Learning is focused on learners-centered education. Its primary goal is to aid students in teaching themselves by pursuing a self-learning education pathway.

The AI tool does this by allowing instructors to assign work in different ways, including in groups or individually. Teachers can also create experiences for students which are based on the latest research into the way students learn most effectively. The unique interface and assessment framework improve learners’ ability to participate in learning that is self-directed.

Here are a few of the most important aspects that are the most important features of Altitude Learning:

  • “Learner-centered” model that enables self-learning
  • Experiences for Students
  • One place for parents and students to have access to curriculum, connect and track the progress of students, and more.

5. Cognii

Cognii is a different Boston-based business that creates AI-based software for higher education as well as K-12 institutions. They also use it in corporate learning environments.

One of Cognii’s most important AI Tools for Education is its virtual learning assistant which uses conversations to help students develop open-format responses and develop critical thinking skills. In addition, it also offers one-on-one tutoring as well as live feedback tailored for each student.

  • Helps students form open-ended responses
  • Offers tutoring one-on-one
  • Personalization that is adaptive for every student.
Cognii – EdTech Innovation – AI for Education

6. Knowji

Another of the best AI education tools available on available is Knowji it is an audio-visual app that draws upon current research on education. Knowji is designed specifically for students of languages, and employs a variety of methods and concepts to assist students in their learning process.

It is an AI education tool monitors every word’s progress and is able to identify when people are most likely to lose track of. It accomplishes this by using a spacing-repetition algorithm that allows students to gain knowledge in time.

Here are a few of the most important characteristics of Knowji:

  • Common Core Alignment
  • Multiple learning methods for students
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Examples of sentences and images

7. Queirum

Querium is an AI platform to help students learn essential STEM skills, while also making them ready for college and future careers. The platform is based on individual lessons and step-by-step tutoring. Its AI Virtual tutoring has been demonstrated to boost the speed as well as the quality and efficiency of student learning, while also improving the outcomes of students.

Queirum’s AI is also beneficial for teachers. It evaluates the answers as well as the duration required to complete tutoring sessions that aid instructors in gaining an understanding of the students’ habits of learning and areas for improvement.

Here are a few of the principal attributes of Queirum’s AI

  • Personalized, bite-sized lessons
  • Step-by-step tutorial assistance
  • Student engagement is increased

8. Century Tech

The London-based company Century Tech offers an AI platform that makes use of cognition and neuroscience as well as data analysis to design individual education plans that students can follow. These customized plans ease the burden off instructors, allowing them to work on other tasks.

This AI platform also monitors the student’s progress and highlights information gaps in learning. The platform then offers personalized studies and feedback to every user. For teachers, Century assists them in accessing new tools that cut down on the amount of time required for repetitive tasks such as planning and grading.

Here are a few of the major features of the Century:

  • Improves learning and student engagement
  • Reduces the workload of teachers
  • Actionable data insights
How does CENTURY work

9. Carnegie Learning’s Platforms

Carnegie Learning, an innovative educational technology, and curriculum solutions provider, is based heavily on AI as well as machine learning for its learning platforms designed for students in high school and college. These platforms provide a variety of innovative solutions in the areas of literacy, math, or world languages.

The company has been awarded numerous educational awards, among them “Best Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning App” in the Tech Edvocate Awards. One of its offerings is MATHia, a program that was developed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University. It also provides Fast ForWord, which is an app for reading and languages which helps students improve their ability to think.

Here are a few of the major characteristics of the Carnegie Learning Platforms:

  • Imitate human tutors
  • One-on-one, personalized learning experience for every student
  • Data that can be used to help manage students
Carnegie Learning: Inside MATHia, the World’s Best Math Learning Platform

10. Knewton’s Alta

The final AI tool we’ve included on the list of “20 Best AI Tools for Education” is Knewton’s Alta. Alta, the AI software is the latest product from the company that is designed specifically for higher education. It’s a comprehensive courseware tool that blends adaptive learning technology with freely accessible content that helps to create a customized learning experience for every student.

Each Alta product includes all the instructional materials necessary for a class, including video, text as well as examples and tests. The product is available in a variety of courses, which include those in the areas of mathematics, statistics economics, chemistry, and economics.

Here are a few of the most important characteristics that Knewton’s Alta:

  • Technology for adaptive learning
  • Individualized learning experiences for students
  • Includes all the required material to complete the course
  • Multiple courses

11. Edmodo

Edmodo can serve as an instructional tool that connects students and teachers and integrates into the social network. It is a platform where teachers can establish group-based online, manage and offer educational resources as well as measure the performance of students, and even communicate with parents, in addition to other features. Edmodo has over 34 million users who are connected to provide an educational experience that is more personalized, enriching, and geared towards the possibilities offered through technology as well as the online environment.

12. Socrative

The system was created by a group comprised of engineers and entrepreneurs who are passionate in education. Socrative is a platform that lets teachers design exercises or educational games that students can complete using mobile devices, such as smartphones laptops, tablets, or laptops. Teachers can view the outcomes of the exercises and, based on their findings changes, alter the next lessons in order to tailor them for their students.

13. Projeqt

Projeqt is software that permits users to make multimedia presentations with dynamic slides where you can incorporate interactive maps, hyperlinks online quizzes Twitter timelines, and even videos among others. In class teachers can present to students presentations on academics that can be visually adaptable to different devices.

14. Thinglink

Thinglink lets educators create interactive images using text, music, sounds as well as photos. They can be posted via other websites or social networks like Twitter as well as Facebook. Thinglink provides the opportunity for teachers to design learning strategies that spark the interest of their students with interactive content that will expand their knowledge.

15. TED-Ed

YouTube is an online platform for education that lets you create making educational courses that are a collaboration between animators, teachers, and students– generally those who wish to increase their knowledge and have good ideas. This site allows for democratizing access to information for students and teachers. On this website, users can take active involvement in the process of learning about other people.

16. cK-12

CK-12 is a site that aims to lower the price of academic books to the K12 market across the United States and the world. To accomplish this goal the platform offers an interface that is open that permits the creation and distribution of educational materials via the internet. It can be altered and includes audio, videos as well as interactive exercises. Additionally, it can be printed, and it must meet the editorial guidelines required in every region. The books created for cK-12 students can be tailored to meet the requirements that any educator or pupil.

17. ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a tool used to enhance student behavior. Teachers give their students instant feedback to ensure that their good behavior during class is rewarded with points, and students develop an open mind toward learning. ClassDojo gives real-time alerts to students, including “Well done David”! and ‘+1’ to encourage working together. The data recorded about student behavior could be later shared with administrators and parents via the internet.

18. eduClipper

This platform lets students and teachers collaborate and share information as well as educational resources. With eduClipper it is possible to collect information from the internet and give it to members of groups previously formed that allows you to more efficiently manage educational content that you find online, increase the effectiveness of research techniques and create a digital document of the learning that students have achieved in the course. It also provides the chance for teachers to conduct an online class for their students, and to create an online portfolio in which every task completed can be stored.

19. Storybird

Storybird is designed to increase the reading and writing skills of students by introducing them to storytelling. Through this tool, teachers can make interactive and creative books online using an easy and simple-to-navigate interface. The stories they create can be embedded into blogs, emailed to, and printed, among other possibilities. In Storybird teachers can develop projects with their students, offer continuous feedback, and manage the classes as well as grades.

20. Animoto

Animoto is a tool for digital creation that lets you create quality videos in a brief duration and on any device on the go, enthralling students and assisting in improving the quality of their academic classes. The interface of Animoto is user-friendly and user-friendly and allows teachers to create audiovisual content that can be adapted to educational requirements.

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