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15 Healthcare Marketing Trends Which Increase Patient Conversion

Nowadays, patients possess multiple options to choose from for receiving any specific treatment. Rather, instantly rushing to the medical clinic, practice or hospitals, now they consider its services quality and think twice!

This is why its significance to have well-budgeted and planned medical marketing to target new as well as potential patients within your locality. Moreover, if they get satisfied, they will return for your services over and over again. However, a healthcare marketing strategy is a huge investment for physicians, healthcare marketing professionals, and healthcare networks.

All you have to do is to hire professional assistance and set a concrete budget. But make sure at last, it must be your “peace of mind” and be fruitful. know 15 healthcare marketing strategies of 2020 which will make your medical marketing worthy in every bit of penny from here.

  1. Make use of consistent medical service branding

Sometimes, you become overconfident and feel that you are exceptional from other medical services and hospitals in the area, which is absolutely wrong! In reality, you have to be so which will let the patient choose your services every time they need medical attention.

But have you ever thought about how to make your brand or services unique from others being in the same medical department? Its entirely depends on you! Just choose or start offering a distinct service that will make you reputable in the area. You have to decide on figuring the distinctiveness of the brand.

It not only makes your healthcare marketing plan become a success but you will be also easily stand-alone from the crowd by endorsing this facility. It will secure your website in rank #1 as well for a long period of time.

  1. Evaluation of the experience of online patient

The website is the best way for impressing prospective patients and let them in finding your healthcare brand over decades ago. Today it is all about an impressive façade and if it fails to get proved to offer the best user experience, you can lose the patients which will be the great loss in your business.

Therefore, you are advised to think from the patient’s point-of-view and consider what to look for on a website initially. Apart from designing the website so well with a proper stuffing of coherent keywords and images, user experience should be looked after well too.

During designing the website ensure that everything is done perfectly and then submit it. Later minor positioning/modification of the CTAs will be really beneficial in acquiring the rank.

  1. Design a well-responsive website

Responsive websites refer to those which get adjusted automatically as per the screen size despite its accessible system- laptop, tablets or Smartphone. It is the latest norm of a website design which plays a vital role in crawling your site to the top of the search engine result.

Google do really care for the user experience and truly it admires the competitors with mobile compatibility site. Being developed a responsive website, make sure that the images and content are getting loaded within the shortest time possible.

  1. Speed of the test site

According to the marketers, the slow loading time of the website can make the patient less interested in your services. Only a delay of 5 seconds can make you lose a potential patient from your site and look for elsewhere.

This can be the prime issue that will decline the rank in the search engine result. But site loading speed can be tested at Google’s PageSpeed Insights and necessary steps can be taken before submitting it. Any experienced web developer can help you regarding this as well.

  1. Optimization of the search engine results for potential patients

Search Engine Optimisation is relevant as well as a powerful tool to make your medical service at the topmost of search engines. However, this specific healthcare marketing plan is quite troublesome than others. It is not like using Optometry Practice the hundredth times to acquire rank #1 on Google platforms.

Mostly SEO involves the proper usage of optimal keywords and phrases which can be easily understood by Google. As a result, it will rank your website on the basis of those pertinent terms. As Google really cares for readability foremost, these keywords and phrases must be used naturally in the content. Besides these, it also includes;

  • Giving links to point back to every page of the site
  • Obtaining backlinks from popular sites
  • Management of the sitemap and site index
  • Claiming the site on Google My Business
  • Submission of the website to Google
  1. Utilization of display ads and PPC for Medical Marketing

Paid advertisements also known as pay-per-click ads are laser-targeted so that it can get appeared on the first set of search terms. By PPC advertising, the budget can be managed and you can decide the matter you want to display to the patients.

Accordingly, this will be placed at the top of search engine results. Wit the help of defined display ads and PPC ads, you will not be there at the top of the results but also get higher amount as ROI.

  1. Leveraging of social media in a proper manner

A majority of the medical practices and hospitals are dependent on the organic social media platforms as the key digital medical marketing trend! It means posting every action regarding your organization like events, updates, videos and photos directly to the official pages of Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Nowadays, it is recognized as the valid trend to establish the brand by letting the patients know about your services in concise way. Apart from social strategy, paid advertisement is much better for reaching accurate people who may be book your services.

It is true that unless you get connected to the right group and monitor the online page properly, it is not going to be worthy! Instead “Boost Post”, paid social media is much more. Unlike display advertising and PPC, it is involved with the budgeting and strategizing to the targeted audience.

  1. Request reviews from the patients

Basically, patients leave reviews to the site only when they feel motivated in doing so or if they ever have had a poor experience with you! If you don’t request them to set their remarks about your services, it is quite difficult to receive positive reviews even after they are satisfied. Even front office staff cannot help out you in this situation.

This is why any healthcare marketing agency imposes the system of automated reviews as the mandatory part of medical marketing of any medical practice and hospital. Generally, it is comprised of a scale ranging from 1 to 10.

Once you rate it accordingly you will be asked to leave a review. On the basis of it, the hospitals and medical practices will take further actions in improving their services for the satisfaction of the patients.

  1. Take the feedback from the patient regarding the marketing efforts

There is nothing to do with a poor review on any outside sites like Yelp. However, follow-up of the patients’ feedback with details of the problem is relevant and useful. While other sites help you to respond to the feedback the follow-up patients will motivate you to resolve the issue on time.

Even, after it is done, they will make it know everyone by posting reviews. So, it is very crucial for the reputation management, another vital strategy of healthcare marketing. It is not always about receiving negative reviews. It is about upgrading the equipment and processes to ensure the best ever experience of the patient during choosing your medical services.

  1. Look for the old media options

Several healthcare groups and hospitals fear from making investments in the latest media opportunities. Hence, they totally rely on the traditional sources for advertising like newspapers, billboards, television and radio. Also, these are expensive and lump sum investment and hence you should be careful to receive the tangible and best result.

To obtain reliable healthcare media purchasers, it is important to make your advertisement observed at the correct time. Although billboard has only a little impact yet television endorsement with proper demographics is still possessed the highest impact over the patients. As a result, from this, you can expect to have the highest ROI.

  1. Include doctor referrals in the marketing plan

In what ways the practice can be reached to the potentially referring doctors? For this physician liaison is must to use. Numerous specialty groups and practices rely on the front desk service to reach to the doctors who may help in referring their respective practices.

But simply, the front desk is not committed to this! Best organic strategy to bring the new patient is the doctor referrals. Physician liaison will visit the medical practices and hospitals on a daily basis to schedule the lunches and enhance the personal touch with the potential sources.

  1. Always stay in touch with the current patients

Though it can’t be compared to the digital marketing, word-of-mouth referrals always remain an integral part of the healthcare marketing strategy. Personalized birthday cards, mail reminders, and email can are really beneficial. You can organize a follow-up appointment to check overall health.

These will strengthen the relationship of the physician with the patient. In the meantime, patient will also become friends and will not hesitate anymore to share anything related to health.

  1. Be the authorized personnel in the respective field

After you represented the established authority in the medical specialty, you will be always remembered by prospective patients. Also, your public relation (PR) strategy must be included with the ways to reach out to the right media outlet if it is necessary to share something important! Obviously, it will be free advertising for the brand!

You will always remain up-to-date with the medical industry via online forums and LinkedIn groups. If you want, you can consider a site like (Help a Reporter Out) HARO for learning new opportunities. Make sure that the press releases are submitted on time to boost the visibility and hire from outside.

  1. Track the marketing strategy

Consistent monitoring is required for the medical marketing trend to get well paid off in the form of ROI. Every year, it is your responsibility to adjust the medical marketing budget on the basis of your focal items. By the way, it should be done on the performance analytics till date. Several ways are there to perform this tracking type:

  • Make use of the HIPAA compliant phone tracking system for monitoring the paid advertisement along with the front desk.
  • Pay-per-click campaigns can be tracked by the Google AdWords settings.
  • Google Analytics can be used for observing the rank in the search engine.
  • Utilize the CRM (Customer Relationship Management System) such as HubSpot for tracking the ways of engaging the patients to the campaigns via targeted landing pages, call centers and emails.
  1. Audit the response of the front desk for the healthcare marketing initiatives

By opting for the best healthcare marketing trend, you will be to handle the staff of the front desk properly. Otherwise, it will be a great loss to both opportunities and money. During auditing of the healthcare front desk, you will get to know about the following info:

  • Long holding time for the potential patients
  • Patient information or confusion
  • The scheduling system of the slow patient
  • To fix an appointment no strategy for getting the patients in place
  • The inability of the staff to sell the healthcare services

No healthcare marketing trend get s complete if the front office staffs are not trained properly.

The above-mentioned medical marketing strategies are excellent for high ROI, potential patient engagement and high conversion rates. You can get in touch with DubSEO the leading agency for healthcare website design London for designing and optimizing your medical website. Our experts will do everything for benefitting your business in the long haul.




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