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Comfortable Halloween Formulae

Want to host a special gourmet Halloween buffet with your kids without spending too much time there? Nowadays, this holiday is highly anticipated by old and young. Costumes, makeup, decorations, you have everything designed to have fun and scare you. To make your Halloween party with the kids a success, discover ten easy-to-make Halloween recipes for the whole family. Guaranteed effect for a delicious buffet. Learn Vocabulary Words That Start With T For Kids

Delicious Halloween Recipes

Before or at the last minute, here are ten recipe ideas for Halloween to prepare with your kids. Cook a wide selection of delicious and sweet flavors for a strange and delightful dish. Best of all (Halloween), these recipes require a bit of ingredients.

1. The witch’s broom

Ingredients: fine breadsticks or pretzels in the sticks, cello-type cheese sticks, and a few stalks of chives.

Preparation: very easy to do. Start by cutting the cheese sticks into equal parts. Then open each of these sections lengthwise to form the end of the broom. Put a pretzel or breadstick in the center. For extra strength, tie a sprig of chives around the cheese. Eat as is or dip in the sauce.

2. Mini pumpkin

Ingredients: clementine and green almond paste.

Preparation: Easy to create a seasonal atmosphere with this recipe for Halloween. Peel a clementine. Cut a small piece of green marzipan. Prick in the center of the clementine. That said, pumpkins are ready to be used as gourmet decorations for your Halloween party with the kids. They will love it. It’s also super easy to turn an orange into a pumpkin or an O’Lantern snack! The Halloween bananas below are also easy to make with a little chocolate!

3. Laminated coffin

Ingredients: puff pastry, red jam (strawberry or raspberry), and an egg.

Preparation: cut a coffin-shaped template from the dough cut in the middle of the cross on half the obtained template. Then apply the jam on the form without a cross and cover with the other half of the template. Finally, weld the edges with a fork and rub with egg yolk. Bake for 12 to 15 minutes in an oven preheated to 180 ° before enjoying this scary crunchy coffin.

4. Horror fingers

Ingredients: hot dog or bread, Strasbourg sausage, and tomato sauce.

Preparation: This horror finger is easy to make, even with children. Start by cooking the sausage. Using a small knife, form a round nail at the tip but without touching the edges and removing a bit of the sausage skin. Create a few lines to mimic the knuckles for a more realistic finger look. Put the sausage in the bread. To make this dish scary, bleed your Halloween recipe with tomato sauce.

5. Apple fangs

Ingredients: apples, peanut butter, sunflower seeds, strawberries, eye sugar.

Preparation: To make an apple crocodile, cut the middle part of the apple wedge for the mouth. Place sunflower seeds over the “mouth” for teeth: just plant in them. Spread peanut butter on the back of your mouth and place one slice of strawberry inside for the tongue. “Stick” the eye (or two) over the mouth with a little peanut butter or with a toothpick (you can lift it).

6. Halloween eyes

Ingredients: sticks, pancakes, bananas, Nutella, and sugar points.

Preparation: simple and terrible, here is a recipe for Halloween that will make your guests hesitate. Start by cutting a strip of your pancakes and brushing them with Nutella. Then cut a banana and wrap a strip of the plate. Hold two points with a stick and add two points of sugar.

7. Mummies

Ingredients: puff pastry, cooked sausage about 7cm long, one beaten egg with one teaspoon of water, and sugar eyes (you can also make edible eyes)

Preparation: Get the complete mummy sausage recipe on this page.

8. Frankenstein sandwich

Ingredients: white bread, avocado, olives. Cucumbers, tomatoes, or red peppers.

Preparation: Spread the crushed avocado on a piece of sandwich bread. Cut thin slices of peeled cucumber to make the bottom of the eyes. Use some olives for hair, eye center, and scars. Cut a small piece of red pepper or tomato for the mouth. Who dares to bite this Frankenstein?

9. Meringue ghosts

Ingredients: 4 egg whites, 250 g sugar, and melted dark chocolate.

Preparation: To start the ghost meringue recipe for this Halloween, begin by beating the egg whites adding sugar as you go. Then, using a nozzle, place a small pile a few centimeters high on the baking sheet—Bake at 100 °. Once baked, you have to add eyes and mouth with melted chocolate to create a creepy ghost to eat for Halloween.

10. Chew bones

Ingredients: puff pastry and grated cheese.

Preparation: cut a bone-shaped template out of puff pastry. Sprinkle with grated cheese. Place on a baking sheet and bake for a few minutes in an oven preheated to 180 °. You can again work it with dipping gravy.

11. Dental prosthesis

Ingredients: apples, small white marshmallows, and peanut butter.

Preparation: To bite that delicious toothpick, start by cutting the apple slices in half—spread peanut butter (or compote) on the resulting strip. Then place a small white marshmallow lengthwise to mimic the teeth. Cover with another slice of apple to complete your prosthesis.

12. “Giant” sandwich

Ingredients: sandwich bread, cucumber, olives, Gruyère, large slices of sausage, and whatever you want to sprinkle in it (butter, cheese, ham, tomatoes, etc.).

Preparation: To make this simple recipe for Halloween, start by baking a piece of sandwich bread and cut it in half to have two triangles. Spread whatever you want into it, add the sticky sausage slices, cut the teeth in the Gruyère, and put them in the sandwich as well (make them sticky too). All you have to do is make an eye with cucumber slices and olive slices.

13. Halloween marshmallows

Ingredients: marshmallows (or fruit jelly), sugar points, sticks, melted chocolate.

Preparation: with a little imagination, you can make many simple recipes for Halloween with marshmallows and fruit paste. You can make marshmallow zombies, Frankenstein marshmallows. or other giants, as below:

14. “Olive” spiders

Ingredients: green and black olives, whole wheat spaghetti, and a toothpick.

Preparation: If you’re looking for a quick Halloween appetizer recipe, this spider is exactly what you need. Just make a body with green and black olives (hold together with the tip of a toothpick) and add slices of cooked spaghetti to make pasta. Who dares to eat it at a Halloween party ?!

15. Bleeding Eyes

Ingredients: panna cotta, kiwi, chocolate chips, and red fruit coulis.


  1. Place a little panna cotta in a bowl to give it a semi-circular shape.
  2. Place this half-circle of panna cotta on a plate.
  3. Add a slice of kiwi on top, then chocolate chips.

 Simple Halloween recipe is ready

All buffet ideas for this Scottish holiday can be personalized. Do not hesitate to delight everyone by diversifying tastes and colors. Also, harness your child’s unlimited imagination to create new simple recipes for Halloween. Learn Vocabulary Words That Start With T For Kids

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